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Optimize the life map you were born with

Embodiment Coaching

What is it?

Embody Your Bliss Coaching

If you feel a one hour reading is not enough.  If you are super committed to growing spiritual or want to integrate your trauma or wish to learn how to be a more empowered empath we can work together in a specially created coaching container.


I typically do this in two ways:

3 Months of Coaching

3 months of bi weekly one hour sessions with voxer support in between.

During our three months together we can either work through my empowered empath course or just build a program that centers around the growth you wish to achieve.  I can crate personalize guided meditations for you, we can meditate together, this sacred time is yours to do with as you wish.  I have had some people do a redingote week, a housecleaning one week, a meditation one week, it's all up to you!  I have also offered Reiki training as part of my 3 month program. 

1 Month of Coaching

1 Month coaching with a one hour intake question to discuss your goals and 15 minutes of voxer or voice memo support a day.  At the end of our month, we will have a one hour session to celebrate your growth and talk about your next goals!

I love coaching this way.

The benefit for you is that you get to speak out loud to yourself.  This is such fabulous alchemy!  As you talk, you begin to do a lot of self integration and will likely delete many messages until you come to the deepest point that you are wishing to work on.  One of my coaches coached me this way and I could not believe the results I achieved  It was both very personally empowering and so wonderful to have my growth witnessed daily!

star stone in hand

Are you unsure of which coaching style would be best for you?

Let’s hop on a 15 minute call to figure that out!

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I am so grateful to have met Christine at this point in my life. I contacted her on a whim during a stressful week, unexpectedly beginning a new chapter in my spiritual journey that I never saw coming. As many others have pointed out, Christine’s intuition and communication is mind-blowingly accurate about the past and the present. But her readings and discussion have also led me to understand and appreciate my present in a much deeper way. Her powers are so extraordinary, and so are her generosity and spirit. I have sought her insight into everything from work and health, to my pets. I know my fate is up to me, but Christine sure makes the path look a little less scary. I am so thankful to her, and I hope everyone is lucky enough to find their healer like Christine.​

- C.L.

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What is it?

Change Your Mindset

If you have been trying to change your life but can't get yourself unstuck - it might be time to change your mindset. If you want to manifest something beautiful, you need to be in a beautiful state of mind. I can help you get there!


I will guide you into a deep meditative state that will help you shift your life.


What to expect:


Intention Setting - you will share your goal with me and we will call in the elements, planetary guides and spirit guides to help us create your outcome.


Vision Quest - Sometimes, to make a big change we need to dig deep and change what's going on underneath the surface. In your Vision Quest I will guide you into a deep meditation where you will meet your future self. We will ask your future self what you had to let go of to achieve pleasure. We will ask your future self for symbols and allies to help you on your path. We will retrieve your Sacred Success Mantra.


Gifts from Spirit - you will receive your:

• Allies

• Sacred Success Mantra

• Sacred Symbols that you can use to stay connected to your vision.


Pleasure Ritual - together we will build your very own Pleasure Ritual that you can use to manifest your current dream and your future dreams!

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Ava client review

She sees you from the inside​

Christine is the most genuine, lovely person I ever met.

Christine has been a soul coach, a healer, and a great friend. She was and is my lighthouse each time I am all at sea. She has been always helpful and generous without counting how much time she can give to others.

It is a pure and genuine work embraced by love when she starts to heal. She is not judgmental and accept you as you are. I sent her my friends who came back as grateful as I am to her with this light that only Christine can awake.​


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