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Kind Words From Clients

I have worked with other healers, and what stood out to me about Christine is how well she can "see."  Her gift is really truly amazing.  There are things that she knows without any rational way of knowing. I was able to connect and communicate with deceased family, and was deeply comforted.  What I also really appreciate about her is how well she can explain what she sees, and how patient she is in answering questions.  Christine is very dedicated to the growth and improvement of those she helps, and I have experienced this countless times with her over the years.  She is warm and compassionate.  She truly cares.  I also enjoy her sense of humor and outlook on life, it has helped me to lighten my view of life as well.

Jessica Klassen

Mariane Gillis

I know it will have a huge influence on my life as it has already shifted my focus and made me feel more aligned and whole again.

I am amazed at the depth and accuracy of Christine’s reading for me. When I met her many years ago I felt an immediate bond with her …she is such a beautiful and talented lady … but I had no idea of her rich connection to spirit.

In my reading, Christine started by telling me about my soul’s journey in this lifetime which was interesting to see from a new and different perspective. She had already received information about my mother (now in spirit) and proceeded to give me specific instructions on how to help her and why she needed my help.
Then she went on to read my aura and my chakras and tell me about my particular connections to spiritual entities. Many of these I already knew, through meditation and my other spiritual practices. This validation was profound for me as I am, of course, the only person privy to such information. She added more specific information than I could ever hope to hear.

It completely astounded me and I am still processing it. This was truly a wonderful and powerful experience! Thank you so much, Christine! Love and gratitude 

Marianne Gillis


Christine is completely connected to Spirit, and she always comes from a place of Love and Light.

Christine is such a gifted Reader, I have had a few readings with her, and they have always been very accurate.

It has always been a pleasure to have someone so beautiful, inside and out come from a place of love to help others in their journey in this life. I am grateful to have met her, and to continue having beautiful interactions with such a gifted person. With Much Love, Light and Gratitude.


Starr – Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healing Arts Practitioner


She sees you from the inside​

Christine is the most genuine, lovely person I ever met.

Christine has been a soul coach, a healer, and a great friend. She was and is my lighthouse each time I am all at sea. She has been always helpful and generous without counting how much time she can give to others.

It is a pure and genuine work embraced by love when she starts to heal. She is not judgmental and accept you as you are. I sent her my friends who came back as grateful as I am to her with this light that only Christine can awake.



She knew things that were so left field there’s no doubt about her genuine talents

Christine was recommended to me by a friend. I went for a palm reading and the details and accuracy were jaw dropping. Her kindness and compassion immediately put me at ease. I’ve recommended her to many friends who have all messaged me to thank me for their amazing experiences with her. I continue to see her for advice, readings, counseling and treatment. My life has improved since our first meeting; so have I.

Lauren D. Martin 


Hi my friends, this is my Winnipeg ‘Oracle’ I HIGHLY recommend a treatment in any of her modalities.

Give yourself some love this Christmas, Kwanzaa, or whatever your flavour or give the best gift you can give to the ones you love. I’ve personally had many treatments from Christine, have sent family and friends to see her, all to experience life-changing results. Seriously you’ll love her. Hugs for the Holidays! Also you don’t need to be in Winnipeg as I get treatments and readings all the way from Fort Mac. 

Dustin Johnston

Christine is a godsend. I was in shambles after a long time of being addicted to prescription medication, and now I've been clean for 6 months. After years of being on pharmaceuticals, when I was finally off of them I didn't really know who I was.

Christine truly helped me realize who I am and use my energy to heal myself and hold my space. Christine helped me heal illnesses I've had by guiding me to which herbs and treatments to use. In October I lost my best friend, and Christine helped me begin to heal from this through her communications with him. She described him exactly, and with everything he said to her I knew it was him. Christine is with me through every step of my journey still, 6 months later, and she brings so much love, light, and healing to my life and everyone she works with. I've never met anyone as powerful as Christine, and through my work with her I've been able to grow into my own abilities and learn to love myself for the first time.

Thank you so much, Christine!


I. S.

I feel much better about past events that I had considered to be negative

I was struggling with the fallout of a bad breakup, a stressful work situation and a lot of childhood baggage from a dysfunctional family. I was stressed, spiritually depleted and generally burned out. I was also unable to get out a period of depression.

I feel physically and mentally calmer, more like my old self. Overall, our work helped me to reverse negative patterns and to appreciate positive aspects of my life. I felt better almost immediately. I feel better every time I see you! I believe that my work with you instigated changes that have allowed me to create positive change in my work life, to find and maintain a healthy relationship and, over the long term, to pursue a new educational path. It was also helpful in me healing from the physical effects of long term stress. I am excited and GRATEFUL! 

Lisa Lee

Christine as a healer knows exactly what healing herbs and natural medicine can be helpful for your body balance. She has a knowledge of the resources of our planet Earth that is always at the service of who is in need. I cannot express how much I am grateful to her.

She is more than a woman, a mother, or a friend, she is a guardian angel who looks always after the best in people who ask for guidance and help. I wish I could visit her physically but living on the opposite side of this planet, even by distance she has been so accurate and so genuine in her love and her work. I recommend Christine without any doubt to anyone who needs advice, guidance, cleansing, Aura reading and more for those who feel in need to know themselves.  God bless you dear Christine and thank you for what you did for us!!

E. K.

I am so grateful to have met Christine at this point in my life. I contacted her on a whim during a stressful week, unexpectedly beginning a new chapter in my spiritual journey that I never saw coming. As many others have pointed out, Christine’s intuition and communication is mind-blowingly accurate about the past and the present. But her readings and discussion have also led me to understand and appreciate my present in a much deeper way. Her powers are so extraordinary, and so are her generosity and spirit. I have sought her insight into everything from work and health, to my pets. I know my fate is up to me, but Christine sure makes the path look a little less scary. I am so thankful to her, and I hope everyone is lucky enough to find their healer like Christine.
Kathy Rasmussen

Christine has a powerful and authentic speaking style. Her life experiences and intuitive abilities enable her to captivate and move the audience on a very personal level. If you are looking for a speaker to facilitate transformation in your audience, look no further.

Kathy Rasmussen

Woods with Fog

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