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Gain Insights and Tips to Expand Your Life!


What are they?

Discover Your Inner Self, Gain Insights and Tips to Expand Your Life!

During an AurBliss Reading, I use various methods to gain insight into who you are. These methods may include reading your palm in person or asking for a photo of your palm. I may also ask for your birth details such as time, date, and city to create your Vedic Astrology chart. Additionally, I will delve into the layers of your aura to gain information about your physical health, ancestral patterns, emotional patterns, mental beliefs, and spiritual growth direction.

My ultimate aim is to provide you with tips, techniques, and skills to help you expand and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life. In addition to reading you, I can also offer insights into your pets or perform a distant or in-person visit to optimize your home for your best balance.

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I can not believe how Christine was able to detect mould that I tried to cover up with paint, and mould that I did not even know about in our attic!  I feel much safer at home now that I have cleaned up the mould and the leak in our house".

- C.M., Nevada

Healing Stones

When you are booking your reading, please indicate whether you are looking for a personal reading, pet reading or house reading.

I also do readings for groups in my studio. I can come to your location as well, I do not drive though so depending on distance I may request a ride or payment for a taxi to your location.


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