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Sensual Bliss and Tantric Self-Discovery

Weaving Wholeness

  • 2 hours
  • 300 Canadian dollars
  • In-Person or Virtual Session Available.

Service Description

Sensual Bliss and Tantric Self-Discovery Experience the profound art of Tantra—an exploration beyond the confines of mere sexuality, into the realms of breath, meditation, self-love, intention, and the integration of your energetic being. In Tantra, we recognize the kundalini, the dormant creative force residing in the pelvis, awaiting awakening. Through meditation and sensual practices, we awaken this force, leading to a state of awakened vitality and profound engagement in activities that bring us joy. During a tantric session, you may encounter: Breathing techniques to deepen connection and awareness. Embodiment practices to fully inhabit your physical form. Yoni mapping for an intimate understanding of female anatomy. Self-love rituals to foster acceptance and appreciation. Sensual massage to awaken dormant energies and promote healing. Our goal is to foster deep body understanding, releasing stored trauma, and unlocking a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment. Experience life as an ecstatic ceremony, where every moment is infused with blissful awareness.

Contact Details

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