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Let’s take a deep dive into the story of you.

Find balance and peal away the limiting beliefs, fears and patterns that keep you from your true, blissful self!

AuraBliss Readings

I named this experience the AuraBliss reading because it’s literally a journey through the 5 layers of your aura, seven main chakras and another 8 subtle chakras.

The layers of the aura move from dense - your physical body to as subtle as your spiritual essence. As we journey through these layers we may uncover guidance for the foods and movement that will help you be in optimum health. We may encounter ancestors and their patterns that live in You, or, old karmic webs to clear out!


We will dive into the beautiful emotional realm and weed out fears and limiting beliefs so you can feel the truth of your own beauty and personal power. We will spin in the space of your mind and tickle stoicism and should out so you can embody what YOU really believe.


We will rise into the beautiful ether of bliss and encounter any spirit guides who wish to give you hints written in invisible ink to help you further on your path of self awakening!

My intention is to open you into the space of the magical being that you are. When you see your own magic you’ll have eyes and a heart that can see the simple sparkles of magic that exist everywhere in everyday life.

It will be my honour and pleasure to dive into the iridescent waves of you and reflect back to you the beauty that I see.

healing crystal

AuraBliss Reading

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