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Reiki and Energy Clearing

Unwind, let go of stress and feel rejuvenated.

Reiki and Energy Clearing

In Person Session

During a Reiki session I will work with the five layers of your aura and your chakras. I’ll release stress and fear and unwind ancestral and societal patterns and limiting beliefs.

seed of life

I may use crystals on your chakras to help bring grounding and balance.

seed of life

You’ll receive a sound bath and herbal smudge.

seed of life

We’ll end our session with a description of the guides that came through during your session. I might suggest herbs or other practices to help you deepen on your healing journey.

Distance Session

For an in depth Reiki session I suggest an AuraBliss Reading.

For ongoing healing I offer a one month Reiki package. I’ll clear your aura and balance your chakras daily. If I have any news or suggestions from these daily healing I’ll text them to you.

Christine owner of embody bliss

Reiki Healing Services

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