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Embodying Bliss Mentorship Program

Dive Deep into the Magic that You Are

Embodied Bliss Mentorship Program

This is a coaching program that begins with a goal setting session.

The program includes:

seed of life

We’ll discuss what you hope to focus on for our month together. 

seed of life

You’ll receive 15 minutes of support by voice message and text on the Voxer app daily to use as you require. 

seed of life

Homework to help you with your progress. 

seed of life

I may create a guided meditation or give you additional suggestions for herbs, crystals, yoga positions, books and recorded mantras. 

seed of life

You’ll receive your second session  2 weeks later where we’ll talk about your growth and next steps!

seed of life

We’ll conclude with a 1/2 hour celebration session to celebrate what you’ve learned in our month together and discuss our next steps!

If you’d like additional sessions I’m offering a 50% discount to people in my one month cosching!  

This could include a pet reading, house clearing, AyurvBliss Massage, Reiki session or Abode of Bliss house clearing! 


Embodied Bliss Mentorship

Christine owner of Embody Bliss

Discovery Call

If you feel drawn to work with me but desire clarity on which program to choose, let’s talk!

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