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Energize & Relax

Massage & Energy Work

What is it?

Energize and Relax 

I do in person Massage with Reiki or energy work and also do Reiki sessions in person or remote. If you are booking a remote Reiki session we will have a conversation before I do the energy work to discuss why you are requesting it. I have studied my massage techniques in India so my focus is on the use of acupressure or marma points.


I do a combination of fascia work, deep tissue and lymph drainage. I find that there is often somatic or trauma release and integration that occurs when I do the acupressure.


Don't be shy if you find yourself sharing things with me during your massage! That's part of the healing that this type of massage touches on. I may also offer you a mini ayurvedic facial and end with singing bowls and smudging!

massage oil being poured into a hand

She knew things that were so left field there’s no doubt about her genuine talents

Christine was recommended to me by a friend. I went for a palm reading and the details and accuracy were jaw dropping. Her kindness and compassion immediately put me at ease. I’ve recommended her to many friends who have all messaged me to thank me for their amazing experiences with her. I continue to see her for advice, readings, counseling and treatment. My life has improved since our first meeting; so have I.​

Lauren D. Martin 

lauren martin who left the review
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