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Does God go to Church?

I feel so blessed to have a deep love connection with spirit.  I have had the joy of witnessing many beautiful beings in spirit and am now excited that it's time to share these visions with those seeking the love of spirit.  Below is an interview in which I answer many questions about my gift and my journey. 

My partner became interested in learning more about the holy beings in places of worship and so we have begun a sacred pilgrimage to find out more about holy places and the Deities, Angels and Guides who bless their congregations.

We are excited to share our experiences with you in our series called Searching for Divinity.

I extend my hand with honour and welcome you to come on this sacred journey and discover just how present divinity is.  How much God loves us and how spirit is available to us when we ask for help.

Can you tell me a little bit about your disability and your psychic abilities?

I was born with a legally blind.  This means I have less than 10% vision..  I believe that the weakness of my physical eyes opened up my inner vision.  I can remember seeing angels, people in spirit and holy light since I was a very little girl.  I thought it was normal for everyone to see these things, but as I spoke about them it became clear that I was different.  I kept most of what I saw to myself.  When I was in my twenties I travelled to India where it was considered to be a blessing to see the things I saw and so I began to express my visions and dreams with my husband's family and we discovered that many of my dreams were prophetic.  I learned to read the lines in the palm and began giving readings in my thirties.  I realized that people could gain guidance from the things I saw and have since come to accept my visions are a gift rather than something that made me odd.

What experiences have you had with religion and how did it influence you?

I have always really loved God.  I began going to church at the age of five.  I remember the priest passing around a cross and telling us to kiss Jesus’s feet and feeling warm flesh under my lips. I wanted to be a nun and was about to join the order of ISKON or Sisters of Charity but realized that I wanted to have children.  I got married and assisted my ex husband in the Hindu temple where he was a priest.  I have seen many angels and have had dreams about deities from different religions.  I feel that all religions have the same message of love as the central focus.  The higher beings associated with any of the religions do not segregate based on one’s denomination.  Higher beings know that we are all one.

Do you believe that there is a difference between religion and spirituality?

I feel that organized religions try to control the relationship between people and spirit.  I do see that there are many higher beings that come to churches due to the fact that there are icons of them there.  I also feel that people can develop their own deep relationship with spirit by meditating, focussing on their breath and spending time in nature.  Reducing stimulants and intoxicants and reducing social media also enables one the space and purity required to have a clear connection with spirit.

Specifically, how do you see spirit? You’ve mentioned you’re colour blind so how do you see colours in your visions?

I see spirit just as people see things in the physical world.  The difference is, the spiritual realms are behind gauzy veils or energy fields.  My eyes are too light sensitive to see colors but my spiritual eye is not affected in the same way so I can see colors in  the spirit realms with my inner eye.  The spiritual colors are more vibrant than the ones people see on earth and there are blended colours to create colors that do not exist on earth.

Can you explain to me how you can see certain angels manifest in several churches at the same time?

The spiritual realms are bigger than earth.  So while it may seem that angels are in many places at once, they can be in the larger spiritual realm that overlaps over the entire earth and thus be in seemingly in more than one place at a time, but be in one place in the spiritual realm.

Also, spiritual beings are omnipresent.  This means that they can be in more than one place at the same time.  They can travel without walking.  They travel by thinking of where they want to be so can appear  instantly when we pray for them to assist us.

What did seeing Jesus in a Sikh Temple mean to you?

It just brought home to me that God is there for anyone who calls him.  God does not discriminate between religions.  In God's eyes, we are one, we are not different colours or different faiths or of different value.

Have you shared these visions with the parishioners /clergy and what has their experience been?

When I was younger people were not as open to the idea that people could see things from the other side.  Due to the internet and immigration, people are becoming more aware of ideas like reincarnation, life after death and other spiritual ideas.  People are much more open to the idea that spirit can and does communicate with us.  It has been a mixed experience with clergy.  Many clergy seem to think that communicating with angels and people who have passed away might be a dangerous thing.  The vast majority of the parishioners have been very touched and open to what I have shared with them and say that it has helped them believe in their faith more deeply.  There have been a few clergy who have been touched by what I have shared and it's my hope that it encourages them to deepen in their relationship with the God they believe.

I noticed that you have been heavily moved by seeing pictures/icons, or statues.  Why is it important to have images/sculptures in temples?

In my personal experience it has been easier or more personal to connect with deities when I can see an image of them.  In visiting churches where there are icons or statues the presence of the deities is much more prevalent.  The images of the deities are portals for them to communicate through.

As humans, it is easier for us to focus on something when we can see it.  The images and statues are not something we need to be afraid of.  Respecting them or using them to connect to divinity is not idol worship when we know that the idols or pictures are not divine. They are simply tools we can focus on to help us connect more deeply with God. I think it's beautiful that divine beings grace us with their presence through images of them.  

If you are interested in following our journey as we visit places of worship please subscribe to Searching for Divinity!


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