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I am so happy you are here!

I am a Spiritual Mentor who focusses on helping you love yourself in all of your layers!

I truly believe that falling in love with yourself will enable you to live the life you desire.  

Loving yourself will also help you love your family, friends, career, body and life so much more.

I love teaching you techniques that bring you into your body so that you can enhance your intuition and follow the guidance you have without being muddied by your fears, limiting beliefs and trauma.

Are you ready to begin living in bliss?!


In truth, you are a little drop of nature - you are, at the deepest part of you, bliss.

Aura Bliss Reading

Over the course of the thirty years that I have been doing readings I have seen things change.  It used to be that I would give predictions for people but in the last ten years I have noticed that my readings are focused more on the individuals' ability to not just follow fate, but create the life they want.

I use a blend of intuition, palmistry and astrology to glean information about your aura and chakras, your limiting beliefs and fears, any health issues you might be challenged with and your gifts and potential.

Your reading will reveal many of your blocks, but also your spiritual gifts and guides.

I will give you tips on how you can shed limitations and bring your gifts to the forefront.

I think of a reading as an opportunity to optimize the life map you wren born.  I don't want to just tell you what to expect from life, I want to share tools I have learned to create a life you love!

Spiritual Mentoring

I have studied with some amazing masters in Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and mantra. I am excited to support you in your own spiritual awakening.


I focus on body practices.


This means that I teach you techniques to help you tune in more deeply to your body, chakras, aura and senses so that you feel alive, inspired and able to bring yourself back to bliss, even when life challenges you!

With accountability, you can release the things that keep you stuck and work with the things that help you feel grounded, connected and inspired.

I offer two coaching options to support you and hold you accountable to your growth:


1-Month Package - $888

This package includes:

  • Aura Bliss Reading    (Value $200)

  • Ability to text or voice memo me for the month (Value $200 per hour)

  • Further assignments which may include a mantra, suggestions for crystals, herbs or yogasanas 

  • A weekly session - which may include a meditation session or house clearing [in person or virtual] (Value $200 per hour)

  • A Gratitude Ceremony on the last day to celebrate what you've learned and discuss further steps in your process  (Value $200)

   Total Value $1800 - $2000 depending on amount of text and voice memos


3-Month Package - $2222

This package includes:​

    Total Value $3000

With any package purchased:

  • Receive special pricing on workshops or courses released during the course of your coaching program. 

  • Receive 10% off the purchase of any crystals during the course of your program.

  • If you decide to do a mentorship program after your Aura Bliss reading the amount of the reading will be subtracted from your program.

...I really couldn't imagine my life without meeting her. She has been so helpful, helping me know myself so much better and my role within my family...this has been so vital to our health and well-being...She really cares, she really is there for you when you need her...

- Jessica Klassen

Online Community

Join my online community of like-minded people who are on the path to their spiritual emergence.

Polished Stones and crystals


I offer crystals that are available for purchase. Check out my inventory below and stay up-to-date on new crystals that become available @harmony.gemstones on Instagram.


Contact me at to purchase.

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