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Becoming the Chalice of Love

Fall is always such a poignant and bitter sweet time of the year. 

We see the slow 'death' of summer, which  acts as a reminder of our own mortality; but, there is also the warm invitation of hot cider... warm soup... the excitement of horseback riding in the fall coloured forests!

For empathic people, this is often the season of where we are visited by loved ones who reside in the multi-verse of our dreams! Fall is also a reminder that our souls go on...  There is no death for the soul.

This is a season when we must extend our generosity to others.  Donate time, money and clothing to those in need.  Make food offerings to animals and birds, who have less food during this cold season, and open our hearts to heal our inherited fearful beliefs.

These donations help show all beings that they are loved.  With these actions of care and love, you open yourself up to become a vessel of divine grace.  Allow yourself to channel grace to all beings; to help release fear, heal abandonment issues and improve the self worth of all beings.

The way to create peace on our sacred planet is to help all beings feel loved, held, supported and equal.

In many of the sacred spiritual traditions on our planet the months of September to October (up to Halloween), are given to supporting our ancestors; offering love, healing to lost, hungry or angry souls.

I used to think of ancestors as those who just shared our DNA, but in session work, I have come to realize that our own past life-selves are our ancestors too!

My guides have been showing me, for the past two years, that they are no longer trying to heal our subconscious fears; but are working on commonly held unconscious fears that have been caused by war, famine and persecution.

I have seen that many of the people I do readings and coaching with, are experiencing the surfacing of deep fears; and sometimes, past life memories of being abused or forced into refugee or slave camps.  These memories are coming up so that we can forgive and heal the war within ourselves, in the hopes of preventing it for fut