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Make Your Home Your Sacred Spiritual Castle

Setting Your Stage for Success

Your home isn’t just the place where you reside…  It’s also the place where you dream your life into creation!  We can all tap into the positive energy that is both in and around our homes, amplifying this to bring success, abundance and joy into our lives!

A lot happens in the space we live in.  I personally like to think of it as a completely blank canvas – one that can be staged to support us with the energy required to manifest our dreams.

Due to architecture and nature there are many vortexes that contain undeniable positive energy that can be amplified to create more joy and abundance.  However, there are also negative vortexes, which require healing to help a space feel healthier: this means that you can feel more alive and motivated.

When I perform intuitive readings, it has amazes me as to how people carry the energy of their home with them wherever they go.  The influence of the spaces you spend the most time in, follows you throughout your daily life.  So, you want to make sure that your home and office are healthy as they can and do have an impact on all areas of your life.

It is important to energetically cleanse your home at least once a month. This can be completed by smudging each room:  Light a stick of copal incense or cedar and fan the smoke along the walls; over objects in the room and into the corners – this clears old energy and livens up your space.  

I like to use copal, palo santo, cedar or frankincense to clear spaces more than sage.  

Sage can sometimes amplify darker spiritual energies if they exist in a space; but, White Russian Sage is an exception.

You can also cleanse your space by sprinkling water throughout while singing or chanting mantras to raise the frequency!

Playing mantras on repeat, even with the volume off or on low, can really help keep a space in high vibration.  I have a friend whose space I clear and heal.  When I first walked into one of the rooms, I felt the vibration of Om in the room.  It made me feel so utterly peaceful and clear minded.  When I mentioned this to my friend she told me that she has a CD player which constantly played Om on repeat in the room!