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Your Animal Guides are here to Help

One of my favorite parts of a reading is when guides reveal themselves...

We have many types of guides that surround us.  Our guides protect us and help clear our path in life.

There are ancestral guides:  relatives who hang out with us to learn more about life or to simply guide and protect us.

There are guides from other realms: like angels, cherubs, fairies and many more magical beings; who surround us to guide, inspire and protect us...  I have seen everything from wondrous dragons to unicorns and gargoyles surrounding people.  It is always so magical to meet the many guides from the layers of the universe who offer their support, love and guidance to people!

My focus today is Animal Guides

I have been so touched over the years by the animal guides that surround people. Sometimes these guides are pets.

Animals have a very unique ability to be in more than one place at a time energetically; so, I have met people who have a dog or cat that is alive - their pet has kept a part of their soul with their owner so they are never alone!

There are so many types of animal guides: one is the soul animal.  A soul animal is a little harder to discern, unless you are completely relaxed; and have a very clear mind and heart.  The soul animal is usually found in the heart chakra, and it is this animal that has traits that are similar to yours.

The soul animal, is the animal you would be if you were an animal.  It's possible that you were your soul animal in another incarnation or past life.  Or, if we stretch your mind a little further, it's possible that you are that animal in another time and space.  Time is not as linear as we perceive it to be.  All of our past, present and future lives are happening simultaneously, so it is entirely possible that in one layer of yourself, you are your soul animal.