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Your Animal Guides are here to Help

One of my favorite parts of a reading is when guides reveal themselves...

We have many types of guides that surround us.  Our guides protect us and help clear our path in life.

There are ancestral guides:  relatives who hang out with us to learn more about life or to simply guide and protect us.

There are guides from other realms: like angels, cherubs, fairies and many more magical beings; who surround us to guide, inspire and protect us...  I have seen everything from wondrous dragons to unicorns and gargoyles surrounding people.  It is always so magical to meet the many guides from the layers of the universe who offer their support, love and guidance to people!

My focus today is Animal Guides

I have been so touched over the years by the animal guides that surround people. Sometimes these guides are pets.

Animals have a very unique ability to be in more than one place at a time energetically; so, I have met people who have a dog or cat that is alive - their pet has kept a part of their soul with their owner so they are never alone!

There are so many types of animal guides: one is the soul animal.  A soul animal is a little harder to discern, unless you are completely relaxed; and have a very clear mind and heart.  The soul animal is usually found in the heart chakra, and it is this animal that has traits that are similar to yours.

The soul animal, is the animal you would be if you were an animal.  It's possible that you were your soul animal in another incarnation or past life.  Or, if we stretch your mind a little further, it's possible that you are that animal in another time and space.  Time is not as linear as we perceive it to be.  All of our past, present and future lives are happening simultaneously, so it is entirely possible that in one layer of yourself, you are your soul animal.

I do not always see the soul animal in readings, but when I do, it appears around the heart chakra... There is a feeling of deep resonance, that arises in me, which helps me to understand that I am looking at the soul animal of a person.  

I was once completing a reading for a man, and the hawk showed up in his heart. I was sitting on my deck outside doing the reading on the phone. My client was in California and I was on my deck in Canada. As I saw the hawk appear over the client’s heart, something fell in my lap - I picked it up and saw that it was a hawk feather !  A sign of protection and proof that my client was in tune with Spirit!

The next type of guide is literally the guide animal.  We may have many guide animals at the same time.  They are typically around us to help us with a specific issue, or just to comfort us during a specific period of our lives. They then may retreat to allow a new animal guide in, as we move into a new phase of our life.  I am always floored by how the animal guides connect us to both magic and miracle!  

if we call out to the universe for support, the universe may send us an animal guide; or even a group of animal guides to help us through life.

I had my first experience with my own animal guides a few years ago when I attended a workshop on meeting animal guides.  

At the time, I was resistant to accept that my guides were real. I truly thought I was imagining them.

One of them was a huge brown moth with eyes on its wings; it was the size of my hand.  I asked Spirit to prove to me that my vision was accurate.

The next day, my daughters and I were walking home from school. My youngest daughter started running around like she was chasing something.  She came back and said "Mom, I was trying to catch this butterfly for you...  I think it belonged to you for some reason.  It was big and brown with eyes on its wings".  I was stunned!   I am always so touched by the way Spirit can answer our questions and clear our doubts!

The other guide I saw was a mountain lion.  She told me she wanted to step in to be my main guide so that I would have courage and strength to handle the next few months of my life.  I declined and told her that I was afraid that working with her would make me restless and aggressive.  She retreated, but told me she would be there if I changed my mind.  I was going through many challenges in my life at that time, and she would have been perfect!

I share this story with you, because I honestly think it illustrates how Spirit always knows what we need before we do. If we’re open to accepting help, we can have it - with ease and grace.  

The really cool thing about your animal guides is that you can invoke them to show up and give you signs in daily life.  To give you an example:  when I want guidance, I call upon my soul animal; the crow, to show up in my life in a way that I can not ignore...  One day I needed to make a decision; so, I called on the crow to help me.  I went out for a walk and there was a crow perched on the tip of a pine tree cawing.  I looked up and saw that he was facing east, an omen that a new dawn was coming.  I took this as a message that yes, I should indeed follow my heart.

People have shared so many beautiful stories of their spirit animals showing up to help them!  One lady, who had an owl as her guide, kept finding owls everywhere: on stationary paper; in the tree across from her house etc etc...  The point I am trying to make here is that we are always held by Spirit - we just need to have an open heart to witnessing these miracles!

People who have passed  away can also send us signs that they are still with us.  I have many examples, of how people on the other side, have sent messenger animals to help loved ones on Earth heal and believe in life everlasting...  

A lady came to me for a reading after her sister had passed.  In the days before the lady came for her reading, I kept seeing yellow butterflies in my mind. During the reading, the lady asked me if her sister came to her in any way; and I asked her if yellow butterflies made sense to her.  She started crying and said she thought all of the yellow butterflies she had been seeing must be a sign from her sister - she so happy to know that it was true.

Another lady came to me after her husband passed and he told me he would be sending her cats to keep her company.  She did indeed get two pet cats to lover her!  We had to tell her husband that two cats were plenty!

One of my dear friends made this painting of the guides that I saw surrounding her: 

She is available to create a painting of your spirit animals as well.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about a painting of your guides.

If you are interested to find out more about the animals that guide you, I invite you to a Spirit Animal Reading with me.


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