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Sensual Bliss and Tantra Self-Discovery

Weaving Wholeness

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means weaving. 

It’s come to be associated with sex in the west but in India, where it originates from, it is the weaving of the senses and 5 elements. This weaving enlightens us to the fact that  we are made of and are animated by earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Tantra is alive when we weave the elements together with an intention of love, play and bliss for all beings. 

Tantra is the art of accessing harmony for the sake of personal bliss and then being a fountain of bliss for all beings. 

What do we do in a tantric session?

In a tantric session I’ll teach you about your aura and chakras and how to engage with them. I’ll share breathing techniques, chanting techniques and visualizations that wake you up to the dance of the elements within you and show you how to play with them to follow your bliss. 

Christine owner of embody bliss
Christine owner of embody bliss

For Women

If you’re a woman who struggles with feeling connected to your sexuality there are so many techniques I can share with you to release sexual shame. I can show you body love techniques to help you adore your body. I can educate you on your female anatomy through yoni mapping and introduce you to pleasure centres you may not have explored.

For Men

We can work together to help you channel arousal into your entire body to prolong orgasm and enjoy the sensation of bliss in your entire body. 

For Couples

We can explore breathwork techniques to help you regulate your nervous systems. This opens you up to mutual trust and safety. There are many Tantric techniques to enhance safety. 

Touch and Sensation

I offer guided touch in distance session.

During in person sessions we can explore so many types of touch. Tantric massage is typically long strokes that wake up and weave all part of you. This type of touch is so healing for the nervous system

If you’d like to learn more about Tantra book your discovery call with me. 

Sensual Bliss and Tantric Self-Discovery

Christine owner of Embody Bliss

Discovery Call

If you feel drawn to work with me but desire clarity on which program to choose, let’s talk!

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