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3 Ways to Tap the Power of Spring

You are nature.

When you become fully grounded in this truth you can tap into the incredible power of living in the moment.

You might ask, "What does living in the moment do for me"?  Well, it enables you to cut through fear.

Take a second and just observe your mind right now...  What are you thinking about?

Take another second and just tap into your gut: are you nervous or anxious right now?

Most of us are walking around carrying emotional pain or stress, which causes worry and constant stress - about the future; or, we live within our wounds from the past.

When we learn to just be alive in the moment; our mind is like a still pond versus a rough ocean.  You can see clearly to the bottom of the still water.  Imagine for a second your mind being free from clutter...

It would be so simple to focus on what you want and how to get there.  Plus, your wants would be much simpler and more abundance oriented.

Many cultures understood the messages that nature shared with them.  In Ayurveda, the science of life from India, it was understood that the 5 Elements governed the balance of the planet.  Earth brings stability... Water brings flow... Fire brings transformation... Air brings connection; and finally, Ether bring inspiration.

When we tap into the element that dominates the season, we find harmony and balance in the moment.

Spring is dominated by water!  It is a time of flow and creativity, with rains that bring new growth.  When we nurture our own inner water we become more connected to abundance, and begin to co-create with the flow that is present; rather than swimming upstream!

Here are 3 simple ways you can tap into Spring and the element of water, to make life feel easier!

1:  Adore Your vessel

Your body is the manifestation of the blending together of 5 Sacred Elements!  This makes our body a sacred vessel: Adore and adorn it!  The lower abdomen is specifically the seat of water in the body, so massage your sacrum and tummy with oils that help invigorate bliss: jasmine, geranium, ylang ylang and rose hip oils will bring your creativity to life. Wear kingly hip belts or clothes that accentuate this part of you.  Bring you Sacral Chakra to life with live!

2: Visulize the River of Life Within

Each morning, before you even get out of bed; visualize that love and beauty flow through your blood, your breath and your body.  Thank the Element of Spiritual Water for glowing through you and inspiring you.  Ask water to carry you to places and experiences of beauty this day!

3:  Witness

Look for signs of flow and creativity all around you!  Take time to notice flow in nature. Take time to notice other people when they are flowing with their gifts and brilliance.   Take time for music, poetry, dance and creativity: as a spectator or a participant.  When you return home, write about some of your most beautiful experiences in your journal; and just allow yourself to re-experience the beauty all over again!

May beauty flow to you and through you

May you witness yourself as a vessel of divine beauty

May you bathe in the waters of bliss

If you'd like to learn more about working with the 5 Sacred Elements click here

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