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Can You Feel It?

Here we are sweethearts!  Deep in the heart of spring!

We are at the cusp of the New Moon in Taurus and the first day of the lunar cycle!

This means we are sitting right in the zone of the end and the beginning!

I love this space of sacred possibility.

Can you feel that magical energy of the bull?  That deep drive and desire to live life to the fullest?

Let's channel that energy into living your life on purpose!

I invite you to take a moment for a quick New Beginning Ritual:

  • Place your hands in front of your heart in prayer

  • Raise them up above your head and call in your guides, angels and Higher Self

  • Bring your hands down in front of your heart again

  • Visualize that you have invited all of your guides and Higher Self into your heart

  • Take a deep breath and feel alive in your entire body

  • Ask your Higher self to show you your goals for the month, and invite your higher self to keep you on the path to these achievement of your goals

  • Invite your guides to use your body, hands, feet and breath to create your own unique beauty

  • Invite your guides to redirect you if you get off course

  • Intend that every deep breath you take brings you back to centre - the birthplace of creativity and bliss

Spring is typically the time of year when we feel full of energy, hope and inspiration so allow this little ritual to help you focus that energy into the fulfillment of goals.

Many times we set a goal, only to get caught up by the whirlwind of life and find that at the end of the day, month or year that we did not use our sacred time as well as we had hoped.  It is important not to get discouraged, but, to tap into this energy and then invite our guides and Higher Self to help us stay on course.

We can do this simple ritual everyday or even several times a day.  Practice it with the hand gestures at the beginning of the day before you get out of bed and at night before bed and pretty soon you will be able to perform this little ritual without needing the hand gestures!