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Full Moon with Eclipse

I have heard from my community that they are really feeling the effects of the full moon this month with a lot of intensity.

The thing about this full moon is that it comes with an eclipse.

According to Vedic science, the eclipse can be seen as a metaphor for what we can tap into internally.  During an eclipse, one of the luminaries overshadows or eclipses the other.  So during a Solar eclipse, the sun moves over the moon.  The sun represents our will so we must remember not to be too forceful and must remember to be mindful of others.  We can use the eclipse to bring awareness to how we use our will and become more aware of how we try to control others or situations to suit us. There may be a tendency to be harsh or less intuitive during a Solar eclipse.  Solar eclipses happen during New Moons.  

During a Lunar eclipse like the one we have today, we may find ourselves more emotional because the emotions eclipse the mind.  So we may want to steer away from making decisions that require emotional clarity.

According to yoga anatomy, we have three primary nadis or energy channels, the sushumna or central channel that could be compared to the physical spine, the Ida or lunar nadi and the pingala or solar nadi.

Usually, these nadis take turns being dominant throughout the day.  At dawn the solar nadi is supposed to be more active. You can test this by placing your index finger under your nose and exhaling and you will notice that more air comes from one of the nostrils.  This shifts every ninety minutes with a period of ninety minutes when both are equal.

When the Solar energy is dominant we feel more dynamic, inspired and active.  Public speaking, decision making and planning for the future are all great activities to involve in when the pingala or right nostril is more active. When the Lunar nadi is more active we feel more introspective or creative.  Embarking on creative tasks, writing, drawing and dancing are all great things to start when the left nostril is dominant.

When both of the nadis are equally functioning we are meant to spend time in meditation. To avoid the negative impacts of one luminary being dominant over or eclipsing the other we can tap into deep breathing, chanting and meditating to help us align with the energy of stability and peace that comes from tapping into the Sushumna or central channel.  We can tap into the universal energy of peace that is the underlying fabric of the manifest world and just float on our breath into the space of union!

So, find a sacred space where you can sit and feel in communion with nature,light a candle and just allow your self to be at peace on this sacred full moon day!  No pressure to start new things or do deep self work!  this is a time for sacred pause!  This is time to tap into deep peace or deep rest.

If you would like to be part of an online group where you can discover more about the Moon and her Magic follow the link below to learn more about the New Moon Magic Meditation Circle!

We meet on Facebook on each New Moon for an Archetype Reading, Guided Meditation and spiritual technique share!

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

a great time to strat new projects or do deep self work.  It is a time to connect to grace.  

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