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Healing Your Layers

Beloved, it's spring!

This is the time of year when all the beautiful plants and animals wake up from hibernation.

This is the season of new birth and new beginnings!

Since I was a little girl I loved Spring.  I would look for signs of it in the smell of the air and light of the sun.  I would listen for the songbirds and wait: just like a mother waits for her child to emerge from her womb!

This morning, I was lying in bed just breathing into the space of me and into the space of the universe and I heard a goose!

When the geese arrive back from their stay in the Southern United States we know that Spring has finally arrived!

I threw off the bed-cover and raced into my basement to create a meditation to call forth all the parts of self that have been hiding, hibernating, outcast or reclusive!

If we want to enjoy a total fresh start we have to dust off the corners, shake out the sheets and throw open the shutters!

So my darling,  I welcome you to do just that!  Not only physically, but internally as well.

I invite you to take a journey deep into the recesses of your mind, far into the matrix of the universe and way back; and far forward into the story of YOU.

I invite you to heal old shame.  To extend a loving hand to your inner martyr, inner hungry ghost, inner nurturer, inner critic, inner forlorn, higher self, voice, intuition and the universal self to come out of hiding, allow them to heal their wounds; and then spread their arms, wings and vision wide to help you create your internal life in the manifest world! 

You do not need to dream about all the things you want to do.  You can do them.

Stretching your mind and heart out to heal the outcast and repressed parts of yourself enables you to forgive yourself for being "bad"; let go of your doubt; end the negative loop of shame, that runs in your head; and, open yourself to deep healing.

When this healing happens, you will be able to listen to the parts of you that know your potential.  You will be able to use your intuition to steer yourself away from the same rut of negative experiences so that you can follow your path to the highest calling.  You will be able to trust your inner knowing, follow your intuition and believe in yourself!

When this happens, you will know how to nurture yourself.  This means knowing when and what to eat, knowing who is good for you to hang out with, and knowing when you have to rest.

When you begin to listen to your intuition you will not longer have active rebel parts, martyrs, saboteurs or critics who act out to gain your attention.  Instead, you will have very alive action-takers, go-getters, companions, directors and a higher self to help you see where you want to go: who believe you can and show you exactly how to get there.  You have this type of support both internally and you will draw it out of you into the outer world as well.

Doesn't that sound like a relief?!  The truth is, you are the univ