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Rico’s Respect

A Horse’s Passing

This week my dear friend contacted me to tell me she euthanized her horse Blaze.   She wanted me to check in with him and see how his transition went. 

He passed in the afternoon and I was asked to check him in the evening. He was still asleep so I informed my friend I’d check in on him in the morning. 

I was about to check out, when his friend Rico came through. He showed me his thick mane and big bum. He said these features make him a handsome horse.  My friend confirmed that Rico is indeed thick, with a gorgeous mane.  I find it fascinating that Rico knows what he looks like and takes pride in his image. this is so human!

Rico shared that he loves to work, he likes to be active and try new things. His owner told me she uses him to pull the sleigh for sleigh rides at Christmas and said that he’s one of the easiest horses to catch from the field. He told me he loves his family and was honoured to spend Blaze’s last days hanging out with him.

Blaze was there bright and early, the morning after he passed. He had a bit of a headache from the medication. He began our conversation by showing that he has always been slender. His light weight made him feel buoyant when he galloped. He imagined he was flying. 

The first thing he shows me is a shed with no front wall. It’s confirmed that this type of building exists on the farm.