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Skeeter Trickster Pony

I was born legally blind.  This availed me the fabulous opportunity to attend riding camps for the blind as a ten year old girl.  I loved horses so much that I begged my parents to enroll me in lessons.

We found a place near our home that offered therapeutic riding And I was thrilled. I loved riding my horse Charlie around the arena But after awhile, I wanted a bigger challenge.   We learned how to do a rising trot and even dressed our horses up for halloween.  It was fabulous, but I wanted to ride on my own, without a guide.

As time went on, I was invited to ride more often and partake in more classes per day.  During my free time between classes I would wander around the farm yard. It felt so magical to me.  I loved walking along the wooden rail fence finding horses who were standing at the fence waiting for a carrot or a snuggle.

One day, I was guided by my inner sense to a different barn.  I can only see a few feet ahead of me, so I just followed my inner navigation system.  I could feel a horse calling me into the barn. I have had the experience of feeling animals’ emotions, but this horse was very clearly speaking to me telepathically. I was 12 so I didn’t even question whether this was possible. I was excited to be spoken to by a horse and was excited to meet and get to know him.  It was a small barn with just six stalls. The two first ones were empty, but the back stall was occupied by a fabulous palomino Shetland pony!

I was thrilled to meet him.  I talked to him and petted him for at least an hour on the first day.  He was begging me to allow him to come out of the stall. I knew that this would not be appreciated by our teacher Nancy, so I told him I would get permission.

The next day I came for class, he was out in the coral in front of the small barn!  I was thrilled when I heard him Whinnie and ran up to the fence. He eagerly invited me into the coral and asked me if I would like to ride him.I told him that I would need to ask Nancy for permission and he snorted out loud.  He told me that I had been riding horses for a few years by now and he was just a little pony. “I have no idea how to ride without a saddle and bridle.” He shook his body and showed me that I could just walk up to the fence and get on, I wouldn’t need a stirrup to mount him.  His mane was thick and luxurious and he assured me that I could use it to hold on. “We can communicate in our minds, so you don’t need reigns. I don’t need reigns like a horse, I am far smarter. You and I will just communicate with each other. I will take you for rides and show you the pasture and you can be my friend.  I’ve never really had a friend and I have never been ridden. I have always wanted to be ridden, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Nobody has bothered to put a saddle on me and nobody realizes that I already know how to be a mount. I don’t need to be taught.”

The pony walks right up to the fence and aligns himself perfectly so that I can use the fence to assist with mounting.  I get on his back and feel exhilarated. This is the first time I’ve mounted a horse all by myself! I’m a real rider now!  He laughs beneath me and begins romping around the coral, both of us giggle in the fall sun. Then, suddenly, he decides to roll on the ground!  With me, on his back. He takes care not to hurt me, but I fall and watch him laughing and rolling in the dust. “What are you doing? Why would you ask me to get on your back and then throw me off and start to roll?”  Peels of his laughter fill my mind. “I needed a bath! I also wanted to show you that the horse is always the boss. If you stay on, that’s because the horse wishes it to be so.” Dust and hair filled the air as he arrogantly shook his body, he trotted away, laughing.  “That’s your lesson for the week.”