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St. John Protects his Flock

October 14th, 2018. Visit to St. John’s Evangelist Anglican Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is one of Winnipeg’s first churches.The church is situated in the back of a very old cemetery.  It’s necessary to walk through the cemetery in order to get to the church. The church is located very close to Taras’ home, so we walk past it sometimes when we are out for a stroll.  I have always found that this cemetery is very peaceful. There is very little spirit activity and it feels very welcoming and calm.

When we attended mass here there was such a feeling of unity in the congregation.  The priest had a beautiful voice that carried well and his love for God was very obvious.  The energy in the church was very relaxing and it felt like home. The building itself was very interesting!  A very old building that I would love to explore further.

There was a gorgeous tapestry on the wall that was made by the congregation.

During the mass, I saw a man who told me he was John.  He had dark hair and a dark beard. Both were a bit wild looking.He was holding a book and a rosary and said he was there to protect his flock.  He gave the church a sense of protection and warmth.

We asked the priest later who John was and he said St. John the evangelist was the presiding Saint over this church.I did not know the name of the church before entering so was surprised to see it on a pamphlet that was handed to me.

The thing that touches me most about seeing these saints is that they still, after all these years, care for those who come to take refuge in them.  Their lives of service do not end at death. They continue to bless us so many years later.


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