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The Power to Create with Spring

Ahh, here we are!  In the exciting energy of spring.  

Spring is the time to wake up!

Shake off the dust of fear, lethargy and slumber.

Spring is time for creating, expanding and collaborating!

Each season has its unique energy and purpose.  But, I have always loved the magic of spring.

In many traditions, including the Hindu tradition which has been my main tradition of practice, spring is considered the New Year.  This has always seemed logical to me; because, quite simply, everything is emerging from sleep!  New babies are born in nature, new leaves bud on the trees and animals and birds come out of hiding to enjoy the warmth that our Father Sun shines down on us.

This newness can be felt in all layers of self!

Our body goes through a slowing process during the winter.  Especially if we live in a colder climate.  So, in the spring, the lymph and metabolism and heart rate, that have slowed down to help us preserve energy, begin to wake up again.   In the Ayurvedic tradition it is really important to do a cleansing of the physical body and sense organs during the spring.

There is also a nine day festival of rebirth in the Hindu tradition, where an archetype of the Goddess is worshiped each day, as a reminder to us to embody spiritual qualities.

I would like to invite you, on the sacred first day of spring to set your intentions for the next three months.

Follow these steps to set your intentions and manifest what you really want in life.

  • Place your left hand in the centre of your chest - on your heart chakra.

  • Breathe in deeply and visualize that you are breathing in confidence.

  • Place your right hand on the crown of your head and breathe in deeply.  Visualize that you are breathing in divine love.

  • Now visualize that there is a pillar of light that runs up from Mother earth, right up to Father sky and far beyond, to the beginning of time.

  • Gently ask yourself how you want to feel.

  • Allow the answer to arise from within.  Fill yourself up with that feeling.

  • Write the answer down.

  • Now, ask spirit what would help you feel that way.

  • Allow the answer to arise in you.

  • Take a moment to allow yourself to experience the answer with all of your senses. How will it feel? What will your life look like? How will the pleasure ripple out into other areas of your life?

  • Now ask 'what are three steps I can take to get me on my journey'?

  • Write these steps down. 

Now, let's turn this in to a mantra!

Begin by writing down how you want to feel in the present tense

Spirit, I feel happy, confident and connected to intuition!

Now, state that you do the things that spirit has told you to do to get the feeling you desire.

I am abundant with love, spiritual wisdom and joy.  I am wealthy, healthy and enjoy my relationships with my children, family, clients and nature.

Now declare that you will do the things that Spirit has called you to do!

I extend myself lovingly to others, share what I have learned with others and tell people how beautiful they are everyday!

Offer your thanks!

Thank you Spirit, Guides, Gurus, Spiritual Helpers and Higher self for collaborating with me to create an experience of abundance, love and sharing!

Happy manifesting my love!!

If you would like to learn more about Manifesting the Life You want, 

If you are ready to kiss anxiety good bye

If you are an empath or creative who is ready to shrug off fear and stand in your creativity

I invite you to join my Spiritual Boot Camp for Empaths!


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