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Transform Ego into Higher Self with The New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon is just around the corner, falling on 25 May this month.  This month the Moon occupies Taurus, along with Mars and the Sun. 

Each Month, the moon travels through the signs of the zodiac as she goes through her 15 phases.  Each of these phases is called a 'Tithi' in Sanskrit and each Tithi, or phase of the moon, has an impact on our psyche.  

The Moon represents our mind in astrology.  So when the Moon is at her smallest, we are able to see with our higher mind, as it is less impacted by emotions, fears and old beliefs,  and more able to see our path, purpose and brilliance.  This is why the New Moon is a great time to set goals.  We can set goals without our emotions being in our way...  We can make plans without our inner critic sabotaging us!

The day of the New Moon, is the final phase of the moon.  After this day, she begins to grow, until she reaches her finest strength on the day of the full moon.  

Due to the fact that our emotions are at their lowest point, we can truly take an inventory of the past month...  We can look at our successes, our weak points, our mental and emotional blocks - all without being clouded by emotion.  So, this lunar phase enables us to decide what will not serve us going forward so that we are able to release it.

The New Moon is a great time to make food or clothing offerings in the name of our ancestors.  We can donate or volunteer and intend that the positive karma, gained from these actions, helps us to heal blocks that our ancestors carried.  We can ask that the joy obtained by those we are serving comes back to us as clarity, self-love and motivation to do more good.

The astrological sign for Taurus is that of the bull.  On one side he is arrogant, hot headed and stubborn; but, the bull can also be seen lying in the pasture, smelling flowers and lazing around!

Mars is a planet that often cause arguments, stubbornness and aggression; but, can also give us strength, confidence and LOTS of energy.

The Sun typically has an affect of making us noble; but can also be a cause of arrogance.

The Moon represents our mind and emotions.

The challenge for this moon will be to take a deep look into your mental blocks:  

  • What are you stubborn about?

  • What triggers your anger and makes you angry?

  • What makes you shut down and procrastinate?