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What is Embodiment

I have been a student of Vedic teachings since I was eighteen. When I turned forty I started to feel a strong pull to my Celtic roots. I kept hearing the name Sanctuary of the Open Heart when I meditated. I finally found out from a friend that she was in a priestess training with that name! I approached the teacher to see if I could train to be a priestess. She asked me about my life. At the time, I was in a pretty abusive family dynamic.

She told me that I needed to embody my knowledge in order to guide others spiritually otherwise it was just spiritual bypass.

I was so hurt that she said this at first. I sat with it though and used her words as a catalyst to change my life. If I wanted to talk to women about their value, I had to value myself. If I wanted to help my clients find freedom, I had to be free myself. If I wanted to teach self love, I had to love myself completely.

Her words made me go more deeply into my practices. I stopped thinking of my prayers as worship to a far off, invisible Goddess and started to think of myself as that Goddess. I started to embody the fearlessness of Kali, the compassion of Lakshmi and the wisdom of Saraswati. I started to visualize that I was these Goddesses. That I was not only worthy of love but I am love.

I massaged my entire body with fragrant oils and finally eliminated my body dysmorphia. I had struggled with anorexia and bulimia as a teenager and though I had over come the eating disorders I still saw my body as an enemy unless it weighed a certain weight.

I began wearing crystals and clothes that made me feel beautiful. I began loving my body

eating with intention to fuel me so I could love more people. I listened when my intuition said no and protected myself from a serial predator!

I said yes to love and joy and pleasure, even when it came in a strange package and I finally feel free, sovereign and joyful. This doesn't mean I have no struggles but it means I love myself and I choose health and peace and bliss.

I have been doing readings, energy work and bodywork for three decades and am finally so excited to be able to teach skills to help you embody bliss so you can actively choose a life worthy of the divine being that you are!


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