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Ylang Ylang the Flower of Bliss

you might be familiar with the fragrance of ylang ylang. It’s used in perfumes and cosmetic products.

when my kids were little, I’d take out my big box of essentials oils. They loved them. We’d play games with them, testing if they knew which one they were or saying how they made them feel. I let my daughter smell cinnamon and she smiled and said “yummy!” Then I let her smell ylang ylang and her whole body relaxed and she said “mmmm“ in the way I do when I hit the sweet spot in a yoga pose. Yes, ylang ylang is a nerving. It helps relax the nervous system. It helps release tension and brings you to a beautiful bliss state with just one sniff!

Autumn is the season when the air element is prominent. Winds bring in cooler weather and help trees remove their summer dresses of leaves.

Winds dry our skin and make us nervous. In the fall it’s important to focus on keeping the air element from being aggregated in out system.

applying ylang ylang to the third eye will help sooth the mind. Spraying it on your pillow may enhance sleep. Rubbing a Massage oil with ylang ylang in it will help keep skin hydrated.

The flower, leaves and bark of its tree are also used as a poultice on the chest to heal pneumonia and asthma.

It’s intoxicating fragrance is deemed to be an aphrodisiac. So it’s a great flower to enhance your love life as well.

I hope you find time to use this flower this fall! It’s for sure my favourite essential oils.

If you love ylang ylang and would like to share the ways you use it, please comment below!


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