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Anointed - Love Your Sacred Self

On Easter Sunday, I decided to look up the meaning of Christ.  I thought it would have something to do with light.  I was surprised to find out that the word Christ means 'The Anointed One'.

This set the gears of my mind in motion: the part of me that adores the Divine Feminine took me to romantic images of Jesus' consort, Mary of Magdalene, anointing her beloved with essential oils to heal him.  With this anointing, she brought him back to life. She helped him be reborn in Spirit.  She anointed him, and thus helped him know his true spiritual self.  She enabled him to rise from the belief that he was a mortal being, helping him to remember that he was eternal and always in the light of God.

Whether you believe in Christ or not, the truth is, the sacred art of anointing the body is a very powerful one.

There are powerful points on the body that are recognized in many cultures.   In Chinese medicine they are called acupressure points.  In Ayurveda, they are called Marma points - these points are considered to be powerful because they are the points in the body where seven types of tissues converge: plasma, blood vessels, fat, muscle, nerve, bone and reproductive.  When we access these points in the body, we access one of the Chakras. These Marma points are therefore gateways of healing; not only of the body, but of our ancestors, emotions, mind and energetic self.

The practice of anointing these sacred points is performed daily by spiritual aspirants, in the Hindu tradition - to shield the body, mind and spirit for protection, whilst centering the spiritual seeker so there is a deeper connection to intuition.

The practice of anointing is sacred.  Anointing can be done with essential oils, simple touch or massage. 

In the Hindu tradition, when a visitor comes to your house, you anoint their forehead with red powder: this signifies the celebration of them as a spiritual being; and as a reminder that you join them in sacred communion and Spirit!  

The hands and feet are also washed traditionally not just for physical cleansing, but as an expression of love, and as a reminder that your experience together will be clear of negativity and in alignment with Spirit!  

If you want to develop more self-confidence and a deep sense of self-love, you can embark on the sacred practice of self anointing.  If you are a body or energy worker you can include anointing in your practice with clients to bring a deep spiritual connection between you and your client.  Anointing is an action that is a symbol of the sacred triangle: union between you, the anointed one and Spirit.

Anointing can be used to help heal:

  • Depression

  • Body image issues

  • Eating disorders

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Mental fog