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Anointed - Love Your Sacred Self

On Easter Sunday, I decided to look up the meaning of Christ.  I thought it would have something to do with light.  I was surprised to find out that the word Christ means 'The Anointed One'.

This set the gears of my mind in motion: the part of me that adores the Divine Feminine took me to romantic images of Jesus' consort, Mary of Magdalene, anointing her beloved with essential oils to heal him.  With this anointing, she brought him back to life. She helped him be reborn in Spirit.  She anointed him, and thus helped him know his true spiritual self.  She enabled him to rise from the belief that he was a mortal being, helping him to remember that he was eternal and always in the light of God.

Whether you believe in Christ or not, the truth is, the sacred art of anointing the body is a very powerful one.

There are powerful points on the body that are recognized in many cultures.   In Chinese medicine they are called acupressure points.  In Ayurveda, they are called Marma points - these points are considered to be powerful because they are the points in the body where seven types of tissues converge: plasma, blood vessels, fat, muscle, nerve, bone and reproductive.  When we access these points in the body, we access one of the Chakras. These Marma points are therefore gateways of healing; not only of the body, but of our ancestors, emotions, mind and energetic self.

The practice of anointing these sacred points is performed daily by spiritual aspirants, in the Hindu tradition - to shield the body, mind and spirit for protection, whilst centering the spiritual seeker so there is a deeper connection to intuition.

The practice of anointing is sacred.  Anointing can be done with essential oils, simple touch or massage. 

In the Hindu tradition, when a visitor comes to your house, you anoint their forehead with red powder: this signifies the celebration of them as a spiritual being; and as a reminder that you join them in sacred communion and Spirit!  

The hands and feet are also washed traditionally not just for physical cleansing, but as an expression of love, and as a reminder that your experience together will be clear of negativity and in alignment with Spirit!  

If you want to develop more self-confidence and a deep sense of self-love, you can embark on the sacred practice of self anointing.  If you are a body or energy worker you can include anointing in your practice with clients to bring a deep spiritual connection between you and your client.  Anointing is an action that is a symbol of the sacred triangle: union between you, the anointed one and Spirit.

Anointing can be used to help heal:

  • Depression

  • Body image issues

  • Eating disorders

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Mental fog

  • Trouble focusing

Some of the essential oils you can use for anointing:

  • Rose oil:  to cultivate love, a feeling of safety and confidence

  • Geranium:  to cultivate clarity, energy; and help clear darkness and fatigue

  • Vetiver with lime:  to bring mental balance; induce deep calm and clarity.

  • Ylang ylang:  to enhance passion and creativity

  • Orange:  to clear through fear, and bring a sense of lightness and joy

You can also use floral waters to anoint the sacred acu points.  Rose oil can be pretty expensive so substituting it with rose floral water or Palma Rosa oil is a far more economical way to go.

In the Hindu tradition, there are different fingers to use for anointing based on intention.

Ring finger: is used to transmit a feeling of deep love

Middle finger: is used to impart wisdom, focus and a long life

Thumb: is used for empowerment and strength

Index finger: is only used by gurus or powerful spiritual people to offer enlightenment

Some of the most important points for anointing:

There are many sacred points in the body as I mentioned.   I am going to share with you the ones I have found to be most important in my practice as a healer.  

These are the points that can help stimulate a deep sense of calm, release deep seated fears, empower a person with a strong sense of confidence, well being, calm and clarity.

The Forehead or 'Third Eye': anointing ether, the centre of the forehead or the space between the eyebrows, brings a sense of grounding, prescience in the moment, inner calm and sharp focus.  

I like to massage the centre between the eyes and the centre of the forehead with the index finger in a clockwise motion to induce a sense of deep relaxation. The oils that work well here are a equal mixture of lime and vetiver.  This relaxes the externally focused or worrying mind while enlivening the sharp, focused mind.  

The result is a feeling of alert calm that enables focus and inner peace.  You can either massage this point for yourself.  or, if you are a hearer; this is a great way to begin a session with your client to help them come to a place of deep prescience and relaxation.

The Pericardium or Wrist: this powerful point is fabulous for relieving stress and anxiety.

If you simply press down on the centre of the wrist there is an instant connection with the pulse.  This reminds the body that it is safe, alive and free from danger. If you or a loved one struggle with anxiety attacks or fear social situations, this is a great point to access. The pericardium is also very helpful in grounding somebody who re-experiences trauma or discussing a traumatic experience in a therapeutic setting.  

It helps prevent disassociation and gives a strong connection to personal strength.  This point can be anointed with geranium oil to help create a deep connection to life force. The smell of geranium is so lively, bright and uplifting.; you can reconnect to the aroma throughout the day to help lift you out of negativity or brain fog.  It makes for a beautiful perfume that makes people feel happy when they are around you.

Centre of the Palm: this sacred point connects deeply to the heart and to the eternal nature of the soul.  If you or a loved one needs to feel deeply grounded, safe and held this is a great spot to anoint, hold or massage.  I find that holding this point when you are trying to release a deep seated pattern, long held belief or intense fear this point really helps.  Use an invigorating oil here: orange oil helps to dispel deep fear and carries the vibration of confidence and joy.  Massage the essential oil of rose mixed in grape seed carrier oil in a clockwise motion to help open up this point and release fears and limiting beliefs.  This is also the Chakra where healing energy emanates from, so anointing this point will help strengthen the flow of healing energy.

The Low Belly: this point helps to heal sexual trauma, encourages the flow of creativity, assists with fertility, sensuality and body confidence.  I love this sacred point so much because it is the seat of both our creative energy and sacred spiritual energy.  Healing this point and opening this Chakra helps us tune into a deep mystical love. Much like the love Rumi or Meera had toward the Divine.  It is a super helpful point for anyone who struggles with low self esteem, eating disorders, digestion issues, poor circulation, fatigue, fertility issues or creative blocks. Press deep down on this point and see if you can feel a pulse. The ability to feel the pulse here is considered to be a sign of great health in Ayurveda. Once you feel a connection to this point you can slowly massage it in a clock wise motion to help open it and initiate creative flow.  I like to use sensual oils like ylang ylang or jasmine here to open sensuality and the connection to beauty.  If you do healing work with rape victims or prostitutes or dis-empowered healers, introducing them to this sacred point and sharing with them how to anoint themselves can lead to profound healing.

The Centre of the Chest: This sacred spot is the seat of the heart chakra.  It is such a sacred spot in the body.  Many men need healing in this area to help them connect with their emotions and help them understand how they feel so they can be compassionate with themselves and others.  

Many women need this point to come to a place of balance.  The point here is right between the breastbone.  The palm of the hand can be placed on the centre of the chest to help people feel deeply grounded in love.  The entire centre of the chest can be massaged with rose oil to invoke a feeling of deep self-love that leads to love for the entire creation.  Touching this point on your own body, or on another, is very powerful.  It really makes you feel loved and accepted, whilst opening the door to deep self-compassion which leads to an opening into oneness.  I often instruct lovers to massage this centre to help deepen their relationships.  I have also found that if a client is in deep sorrow that placing my hand here can be exceptionally pivotal to healing.

I love to begin and end my sessions with a holding of the feet.  It can be a delicious experience to have your feet massaged!  It touches on all of the physical reflex points and also makes you feel so appreciated and beautiful.  Any of the oils mentioned can be used on the feet, and can be selected in accordance with the desired outcome in mind.  In the Hindu tradition the feet of a guest would be washed as the entered the house; in part for sanitary reasons, but also to help the guest feel relaxed and appreciated.  A gorgeous foot soak can be a beautiful initiation into any healing session.

Recipe for a luxurious foot soak experience!

  • Start with a beautiful bowl.  You can find some gorgeous ones in second hand shops!

  • Fill it with warm water

  • Epsom salts

  • Flower petals

  • A combination of your favorite essential oils

  • Soak the feet and massage them one by one

  • Dry them off with a beautifully colored or pure white towel

Once your foot anointing is complete, you can lovingly guide your client or

loved one into the next steps of their healing.  This is a great way to form intimacy, respect and love.

I encourage you to love your body, anoint yourself and share this sacred information with others.

You are blessed, beautiful and loved.  Enjoy yourself, anoint yourself and fall in love with life!

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