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Are all Religions Created Equal?

If your faith is tlling you to fear God. If your faith group can shun you. If your faith group has a hierarchy please free yourself. God is all about love and equality.

We’ve spent a year visiting holy places of as many denominations as we could find. Our goal was to see how divinity showed up in these places. I’m legally blind, but my spiritual vision or clairvoyance enables me to see Spirit. We discovered that divinity showed up according to what people believed it to be. We saw angels in churches, Buddhist deities in the Buddhist temples and Jewish kings in Synagogues. The interesting thing was that in the Sikh Gurudwara I saw deities from multiple faiths I saw Jesus, Krishna - a Hindi deity and many Sikh gurus. Upon asking the Gyani or priest we learned that the Sikh holy book, Gurugranth Sahib mentions holy beings from many faith traditions.

At each place we visited I told at least one member of the community what I saw. Many people were very receptive to this information. Many people were very touched and said that what I shared helped to deepen their connection to God.

In some of the Faith traditions meditation and a personal connection to God was encouraged. In others, it was believed that only the monks or mystic people or leaders could communicate with Spirit. In these traditions there wasn’t as much acceptance of other faith traditions. There was a strong belief that their way was the only way. In such traditions meditation was frowned upon and visiting other places of worship was frowned upon.

I will not be naming the faith traditions where we had negative experience out of respect for those who attend them and have faith in them. I feel it’s necessary to note that not all places are holy. Some huge organizations are not based on truth or love.

In these more rigid traditions there was a need for confession to a priest. He could choose to absolve you of your sins or deem you unworthy of absolution and deny you communion.

In some other traditions there was a belief that there would be a final judgement of souls. In some of these traditions it’s believed that there are only a certain number of spots in heaven. In these communities people can be shunned. This was so deeply shocking to me. On one hand there was a belief that God is compassionate and all loving, and on the other hand, there was a belief that God would reject some people. These communities could shun parishioners not only from church, but from the community and their families. I spoke to people who had been shunned or judged as sinners and they spoke of their fear and a high rate of suicide in those who were excommunicated. In these places of “worship”, there were no angels or deities present whatsoever. This seemed to intune to me that divinity did not support these ideas. God is not a God of fear and does not seem to support this type of teaching.

When I went into the churches where people could be shunned there was a palpable tension. I found it difficult to even stay in these places. The power dynamic was pretty obvious. The leader in the front seemed smug and there was a general energy of fear of judgement from the congregation. There was a feeling that their way was the only way. What I know from doing readings and seeing spiritual beings is that God is all inclusive. Religion is created by people, not God. Anytime you are told that there is only one way and only the clergy have access to God, question that.

When we visited the Church of Scientology, we were shown videos of the founder.- L. Ron Hubbbard. It was very cult like. There were pictures of him in every room and an office for him set up in each church. The young man who was orienting us said that they were encouraged to ask him for guidance in every decision they took. He was a man. When we researched him later we found that he was a very criminal man. There was no divinity present in the building. When the young man began giving his sermon I saw Archangel Garbriel behind him, imprisoned behind bars. He showed me that this young man was very smart and gifted with motivation and intelligence but that it was being directed in a way that he would never reach his potential or use it to the best of its capacity.

We visited an evangelistic church that had burnt down.. I did not know this when we went in, but I saw many ghosts with missing limbs above the altar. This was very disconcerting. Typically, in a place of worship there shouldn’t be ghosts if things are being done right. There was a very sinister feeling in the building and as soon as I sat down, I got a horrible headache and pain down my spine. I felt incredibly angry and uneasy. There was only one cross placed awkwardly in the corner. We found this odd, because it was the one holy artifact in the building and it was in such a strange place. There was a negative vortex behind it. A negative vortex is an energy wheel that moves counter clockwise. Negative vortices can cause chaos, ill health, arguments and confusion for those who are near them. This type of energy is draining rather than replenishing.. Again, this should not be the case. A cross is a sacred object that should ward off negative energy rather than hold it. Holy places should have positive vortices. A positive vortex moves clockwise and brings light, healing, harmony and positive energy to a space. I felt that there was serious corruption of street youth happening in this building. As soon as we left the building and crossed the street, my headache and back pain went away.

We later found out about the building burning down and were told about some accusations of exploitation. I always feel devastated when people are hurt in places of worship because it can make them doubt Spirit. Our relationship with Spirit is the most important one we can have. Please do not believe it when anyone tells you that God doesn’t love you or that God will shun you or that God wants your money. None of this is true.

Anytime you are discouraged from cultivating a personal relationship with God, dispute that. If God and Goddess are likened to our parents then they’d love us equally. You’d never say that the only way to communicate to your father was through third party. It’s your birthright to communicate with God. As long as you have love as your intention, you’ll be ok. There’s no truth to the idea that God is wrathful, judgmental or cruel. Why should we respect a being that is lower in maturity than us?!

There are simple ways to begin connecting with Spirit. Spend a few minutes in the early morning to sit in silence. As you begin to sit in silence your mind and heart will become clear. With this clarity you can begin to inhale god into you and exhale out your fear. Gradually, you’ll begin to feel love flowing into you. This love expands as you continue. Soon, you’ll start to feel more relaxed, less afraid and more connected to truth, awareness and bliss. As this happens, you’ll start to love yourself more and begin making healthier choices in all areas of life. You’ll begin to feel more love for all beings. You’ll be drawn to spend more time in nature and fall more and more in live with peace.

Many religious organizations felt a need to control their congregations with fear. They severed the true, deep, personal relationships that people had with Spirit.

I feel that this led to a forgetting of oneness. When we all reconnect to Spirit we will be drawn to care for our planet and each other.

Remember, you are loved unconditionally by Spirit. It’s understood that you’ll stumble, err and even fall. Know that you will not be shunned by God. All that is required is an ability to see your own shortcomings and strive to grow in compassion and awareness and Spirit will be there with grace and unconditional love.

Tuning into peace will enable you to expand your heart in love to all. As you expand in love, you’ll become closer and closer to God.

No human has the power to tell you that God doesn't love you.

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