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J the Healing Dog

J the love dog!

I had the pleasure of doing a reading and healing of a young Husky named J. I was contacted because J had tummy issues.

He showed me that his poop was often runny and stringy. He also admitted to enjoying eating yummy things on walks when his dad wasn’t looking!

His owner laughed and said he was always shoving his hand in J’s mouth to take out something he’d eaten!

J told me he loved his dad because he took him everywhere with him and he got to meet lots of people who needed help. J’s owner told me that J is his service dog. He takes him to the addiction recovery centre where he works. He said everybody really loves J and that he has helped a lot of people heal.

J also mentioned that his dad took him on a hike in the woods where he saw deer. He told me he likes to just watch other animals. He finds them interesting. He told me that he’d seen raccoons outside of J’s mom’s house and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t bother her. He feels it’s his role to keep his people safe.

He mentioned that he worries about a brown and white boxer he met at dog training. He said this dog was being yelled at. He showed that the result of the yelling was that the boxer felt torn in half. He felt sad, confused and bad. J told me that dogs like to feel important to their people. It’s important that they help their people and make them happy. If their people shout at them they feel like they’re failing at their supporting role.

J said he’s happy to have found his family and happy to help his dad at work. He feels he’s doing important work. He said he doesn’t like it when his dad goes out without him because he’s worried he can’t protect him. His mom confirmed that J howls the entire time she baby sits him.

He showed me his face was often itchy and his owner said J scratched slot.

I suggested J be given lemon balm tea to help his tummy issues.

J was a very empathic and compassionate dog. He is an energy healer who takes the suffering of others into his body to give them relief. I told him he could send their suffering to the earth to clear it instead. He listened and said he’d think about it but told me he feels good to help

It was an honour to meet J. I love talking with dogs. They remind me to be kind, dedicated, loyal and compassionate. I often cry when I’m talking to them because they’re so deeply committed to bringing others joy. Their capacity to love is far superior to humanities. They feel true joy at seeing others happy.

I feel blessed to work with dogs and their people. I see dogs quickly learn how to communicate with me and I feel doing these readings is helping bring humans and animals closer together.

Equal love for all beings is the way to unity and peace.

If your interested in an animal reading, please contact me here.


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