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A Beautiful Poet

One of the things I love most about my work is I never know what surprises a session will hold. 

One of my dear clients is a writer and as we were about to wrap up our session she asked me about a Spanish poet and playwright she adores. Much to my surprise, he was delighted to hear his name and began speaking with us!

Fredrico Garcia Lorco was born June 5, 1898 and assassinated August 18, 1936. My client wanted to know if he was at peace, because he was assassinated. He conveyed to me that “just as he was not worried about being born, he was not worried to die””  Later, while I was researching him a bit, I found out that was one of his famous sayings!  

He began sharing such beautiful thoughts and images with me.  I felt that they were so poignant that I wanted to share them with the world!

He began by showing me an image of himself.  He had slicked back, black hair, dark eyes and a long face.  He had beautiful hands and enjoyed wearing tailored suits with silk shirts.  He was very handsome. I felt like he was either bi polar or bi sexual, it felt like there were two distinct sides to his personality.  My client told me he was a Gemini and that he was thought to be gay or bi. Later, in my research, I also learned he suffered with depression after the loss of his friendship with Salvador Dali. 

He began to tell me that he loved life.  He loved textures, tastes, architecture. He showed me a beautiful building, it looks like a church.  It had fabulous moldings and design, but it didn’t have electricity. He said that the artist who created such a lovely building never saw his work in the light of day and nobody else would either. He said that his favorite thing was to look at art and contemplate how the artist was feeling when creating it.  He would imagine the picture zoomed out and visualize, in his mind, what might have been going on beyond what was captured on the canvas. He showed me that he loved his country because it was full of beautiful art, architecture, dance. He said that there were fabrics from around the world. Swords that were works of art.  The dance in his country was electric.