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A Reading with a Horse named Blaze

I had the honour of meeting a fabulous 19 year old male horse! His name was Blaze. Blaze was saved from the meat market by his family under the agreement that he’d be a friend and mount for one of the grand-children. He agreed and did so loyally for many years.

I was contacted to check what was going on with his health and how he felt about it.

He was immediately aware that I was checking him out energetically. I was doing a remote view of him as his family lives several hours away from me.

He greeted me and said “Hi, I can tell you’re a healer. The girl who rides me and her mom are too. We also have a dog here who heals. I love healing energy. If you like, you can do that for me. “

I was amazed with the way he was forming full sentences rather than communicating in images or feelings as most animals do.

“Here, let me show you what’s going on.” He said. He proceeded to show me a view of his right side. He was showing it on grid form. He told me it was hard to control half of his body. He veered off to the side now. He giggled about this. He said his vision wasn’t as clear and his hooves felt numb. He told me he knows he’s aging so this seems normal. He said his family loves him so he’s fine with what’s going on with his body. He’s open to healing.

He said he loves all the kids, but the daughter is his favourite because she’s a bit calmer than all of the boys.

About an hour later he thanks me for the healing that I’ve been doing and says Jess, the mom of the girl who rides him did healing too. About ten minutes later Jess texts to tell me that she gave Blaze a reiki treatment I tell her he’s already notified me!

I feel so blessed to have met this self aware horse. Many people believe that animals are inferior in intelligence, but I think this proves otherwise.


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