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There be Fairies

I feel blessed to have the gift of seeing Spirit. It’s so fun to be able to share the world I’ve kept secret for so long.

My thanks to Taras for his enthusiastic interest in my visions and constant encouragement to just be myself. I was so honoured when my long time friend Lauren Martin asked me to officiate her wedding!

There was magic everywhere in her decorations. Pumpkins lined the aisle, fall leaves made a trail along the floor. There were beautiful bouquets of wildflowers everywhere 

I could just feel the presence of Holy Spirit and the ancestors in attendance. 

Soon, a band of Irish folk musicians began to play. A tabby cat from Lauren’s childhood sauntered out from behind some chairs and flashed me a Cheshire grin!  I told him not to bother Brizbee, Lauren and Greg’s dog who was playing the role of ring bearer. He had their rings tied to his harness with a ribbon❤️

As the violins crescendoed and the accordion lilted I saw sparkles emerging on the astral plane!