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Loving the Masculine to Create Peace

As a lover of the Sacred Mother I have been so excited to see the emergence of so many programs for healing and awakening and connecting to the divine feminine.

There are still so many ways that women are being oppressed, and in North America this may not seem so obvious anymore.  I mean, women work in every field imaginable now right?!  The status of women in other parts of the world is still horrible though.

I believe that this is because we have not been working with the divine masculine.  I feel like women have worked so hard on finding their power, and taking it back from men, that men have become the negative focus... the catalyst to fight and ultimately the enemy.

How can men being the enemy be good?? 

How will we relate to our sons as mothers if we hate men? 

How will we relate to men in the workplace if we compete against them? Who will be the father of our children if we hate them?

If we don't love our brothers, fathers, lovers and men in our community; how will their hearts soften?  How will they grow to love themselves in a healthy way, and feel open enough to communicate with us?

i know it might not be easy for some of us to open our hearts and trust the masculine.  I also know that men are hurting too.  The thing with men hurting is they do not have the freedom that women do to open up and talk about it.  I have spoken to many men who say they feel like they need to cry, but they don't know how!  Good Lord, my daughters and I cry when we are happy... we cry when we are sad... we cry when we are angry.

Crying allows pent up emotions to flow out of us so that we feel at ease in our bodies.  I cannot even imagine not knowing how to cry!!!

I have spoken to men who have told me that sex is an experience that is isolated to the