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Reap Your Spiritual Harvest

As the nights get longer and the atmosphere cools nature reminds us that it's time to slow down and go inward to reflect on all that we have created and learned this year!  This is how you can reel your spiritual harvest!

Farmers harvest the seeds the planted in the fall that they planted during the spring.  When they harvest, they reflect on their successes.

As we look at all we have learned and created we can give thanks to our guides and nature for supporting us through this growth.

You can honour your spiritual harvest by writing down all of the fabulous things you have accomplished this year!   You can save these achievements to reflect on so that you can witness and celebrate your growth and thus stay  in the energy of flow and abundance.

When you are in the energy of gratitude and accomplishment you attract more abundance!

You can also honour your guides and nature for their support in your success by

offering our time to volunteer and help other people to achieve joy and success.  This is how we create positive karma and generate more generosity and joy in our lives!

You can donate food or money to causes that are important to us and that help support aspects of the world that we love.  When you share your money and resources nature will provide with the amount you require - nature doesn't run on lack mentality.  Nature has enough to go around and will support you in what you need.

Another thing you can note are the weeds.  Reflect on the things you grew that you no longer wish to harvest; fears, resentments, limiting beliefs and negative habits.

Offer these up to nature too.  Visualize that you are offering your heart to the birds as they fly overhead and that they are carrying your sorrows to heaven.

Visualize as you help others that you are healing all broken hearts as you act with unconditional love.

Use this season to reflect on all that you are ready to release and all that you are ready to receive and give thanks for all you have ❤️


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