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The Sacrifice of Scout

Dogs embody true love and sacrifice

A little while ago a client called me for a reading. She was a twenty year old woman suffering from Lyme disease. She came accompanied by her husky in spirit. The reading was basic, and the session was about to end when she asked me if I saw any animals around her.

It was then that I described her husky/malamute “ Scout”. He was as tall as my thigh, very handsome, thick hair and vibrant. He had a face mask with piercing blue eyes. I started communicating with Scout. He shared with me that he was her brother, and she confirmed that as an only child she always felt he was more like a sibling than a pet

He shared with me that he slept with her in her bed, he comforted her when she had a hard day in school and he felt that he needed to support her and make her happy. He showed me that he felt like a failure when she became ill and bedridden from Lyme disease. He felt like he wasn’t fulfilling his role of making her happy and was disappointing the family. He knew that the family needed their daughter to be healthy. He worried that she might die.

I can blend my aura with the fields of other plants, animals, spirits and people. This is how I do readings. Blending means to merge one’s souls/chakras, minds and bodies so that I can feel/taste, experience and understand the being I am reading.

The most alarming thing for me, is that instead of blending into Scout, Scout blended into me. He was a very evolved/skilled telepathic spirit and he was able to transmit his feelings to me. It turns out that I stopped reading Scout, and instead he began to telepathically make me feel what he was feeling. I was shocked by this experience. I was surprised by the level of his ability. It made me realize that people feel that animals are inferior to humans and instead, I realized that he was a very skilled and evolved soul.

Scout showed me how one day he made the decision to help his sister. He walked outside. He was free to wander on the farm. Scout was intimately connected to nature. He engaged with all the elements. He connected to the sky, the earth, the wind. Then he called all the elements into himself and thanked them for his body. He thanked them for his life and experiences. He then told them to take care of his family and then he told them that he was surrendering his body for the health of his sister. He then took a very deep breath, felt the wind caressing his body, and he showed me how his hair was petted by the light caresses of a breeze. Then through his paws he felt the earth shake. A semi-trailer was coming on the highway. He looked up and saw it. He bravely walked across his yard and laid his life down in front of the truck to lengthen the life of his “sister”. In a way, his action was like a prayer/sacrifice, by laying down the remaining years of his life, so that the family could be happy instead of losing her.

A couple months after losing Scout, the client regained her health from this debilitating disease.

Scout described the memorial his family made to him on the deck as proof that he was still watching over them

She then asked me if he was still around and what evidence was there of his presence. He showed me that after that tragic event, the family had created a memorial for him on the deck. There was a statue of an angel and a dog. He also told me that he sent a new small dog to fill his space and fill the family’s hearts. He described the dog as being a small, white dog. He said he picked a dog that wasn’t as smart as him, so that he could push his soul into the dog’s body and therefore play with his family and be with them for a little while. He said they could tell when he was entering the dog because he would stick out his front legs and walk funny.

The client confirmed that on occasion the little bichon acted like Scout. She also said that she had seen her new little dog walk that way and had wondered why he did it.

Takeaways and Lessons from this Session.

I was overwhelmed by the incredible loyalty that this animal showed to his family. This reading affected me for many months. I could not believe that sacrifice and utter devotion this animal showed his owner. he gave his body and life as a sacrifice. People think that animals are lesser to humans, however, our pets can keep us alive and protect us in spirit for the rest of our lives.

I have done many animal readings and am planning to write a book on this topic, however, Scout will always hold a special place in my heart as a great, evolved soul who came to visit me that day and teach me about loyalty and commitment.

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