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What is power?

I am sitting here, in the powerful energy of the full moon...

The question that is alive in me, as I sit here is, "what is power?"

I have always been the kind of person who sees through systems and notices the BS.  I have never been able to conform to a "path" just because somebody says so.

Do you relate?

Are you the kind of person who constantly ask "why?"

I think there are so many of us, that have been questioning systems and rebelling against the rules, since we first inhaled our first birth on this planet.  To be honest, this does get to be a bit of a pain in the rear end.

But as I sit with this question, "what is power"?  I see many answers.

Power can be many things; but, the power that is being lit up for me on this sacred day is the power of sovereignty

Sovereignty:  what does that word even mean?  Politically, it means the ability to rule over a country completely - without external influences; much in the way that a king or queen rules their kingdom.

But, I am speaking of personal ruler-ship here...

What if you could sit in the seat of your heart and decide what you wanted to do with your life?  What if it didn't matter what others would think?  What would you desire?  What would be valuable?  

What is THE most important thing to you? 

What do you value so much that you want to do it everyday?  What is the one thing that is so important to you that you would not die for it; but, you would live for it?  What does your heart beat for beloved?

When you let yourself be alive, in the answers to these questions, without fear - you have found true power.  When you are able to love your values without caring, if they matter to others you know true power.

When you live alive in your values you will not need to change yourself to fit in; or feel the need to have others agree.  This is true power.

Today, with this question in my heart "WHAT IS POWER"?  I challenge myself to just be sovereign to what makes my heart beat with joy!  I challenge myself to be OK to be in my 'truth'.  To not need it to be the truth of everyone around me for it to be real or important.

I invite you to share this challenge if it feels powerful to you!

Live in your truth...  Seek your joy...  Be passionately alive in your own power; and, see what happens!


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