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My Autumn Mother Come snuggle up in your divine mother’s lap. Slip into sacred introspection.

fall slows us down. Gives us time to delve into the cave of our subconscious so we can reflect on what we’ve learned this year. I welcome you to snuggle in and integrate your soul lessons!

My breath blows in clouds around my frigid fingertips

I wiggle my toes and look up at your dark face, sprinkled with the body glitter of thousands of stars

You look down on me with a heart so pure

My eternal witness!

Oh how I love to forget you so that each time I remember you it’s like opening a present

You draw me into your inner sanctum in the autumn,

So I can look at my shadow and love it all the way home

You nourish me with pumpkins and spices 

It’s a trick so that I experience my self work as a sweet journey

How I love your sneaky ways

You caress my hair as I cry in your lap

Embarrassed about how I acted before this round of lessons was absorbed

You never laugh at me

You never judge me

You teach me through example how to love

poem by

Christine Marie

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