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Calling in the New Year with Sacred Ceremony!

I just adore New Year's Day!

I love the energy of new starts and the opportunity to focus on intentions and manifesting!

I would like to share a sacred recipe that I just LOVE.

This is a recipe for a sacred Cacoa beverage.

Cacao was used as an offering to the Gods and was even used as a currency in Mayan civilization.

When I discovered this it made so much sense to me!  As a kapha woman who loves sweets - especially chocolate it makes complete sense to be paid with chocolate!

There is a difference between commercial chocolate and organic cacao.  Cacao is very grounding and, at the same time gently stimulating.  It opens the heart chakra, activates the third eye and crown and ground the root and sacral chakras.  Translated into "normal language", it wakes you up into a place of grounded love from which you can tap into creativity and focus on what it is you would like to create!  Sounds like great magic right!?

There is a New Year's tradition in India to eat a special soup that contains all 6 sacred flavours. Each of these flavours brings the 5 sacred elements into balance and enables us to start the New Year off from a grounded, balanced place.

Six Flavours

Sweet - sweetness is the flavour that brings the earth element into balance.  It opens the heart and brings in the energy of love and joy.

Sour - sour activates the water and fire elements and brings in a feeling of creativity and pleasure.

Salty - salt is very fiery and earthy.  It is activating.  It gives us the motivation to do.

Pungent - pungent is spicy, fiery, exciting and fierce!  It is responsible for inspiration an clarity.

Bitter - bitter is airy and helps us stay crystal clear and keeps us from getting carried away by fantasy.

Astringent - this is not a common taste to the Western palate.  It is found in unripe fruits and flowers.  It is mainly associated with the element of ether and opens the space for creative projects to take birth into.