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Gratitude and Goal Setting for 2019

Here we are -  2019.

As I get older, I feel the years go by faster!

Right now, we are all in that “holiday rush” period!  Shopping, baking, eating and having fun; but, do you ever feel that little tug in the back of your mind?  That voice that starts to ask you, “What are your goals for this year?"

If you're not sure or you are sick of making resolutions you don't achieve keep reading, I have some techniques for you.

Let's start with mindset

Many times we set our resolutions from a place of disgust! We look in the mirror on January 1st and think something mean to ourselves like “geez, you let yourself go”!  You need to lose weight!  The reason you will never lose that weight is because you are starting from a mindset of lack - I lack beauty, I lack will power, I lack appeal.  If this is where we are starting from how will we get to a place of fulfilment?  If we believe that we are lazy, sloppy, devoid of will and not worth our own effort how will success be possible

Instead, look in the mirror and see the beauty first.  Find three features that you love about yourself and see them first each time you look in the mirror.  Then say I would like to be healthier and to be healthier I would like to tone up and eat well and lose weight because I am worth it.

Starting from a place of gratitude and inspiration beats lack and hatred any day!

Clarity and Attainability

Vague goals like I want to lose weight or I want to travel or I want to save money are not clear enough and therefore, will be difficult to attain.

Take time to think about how much you want to lose, where you want to travel and how much you want to save so that you have a clear goal that you are walking towards.  Visualize that your goal is in front of you, just ahead of you on a path and that you are taking the steps toward it.  Imagine the things that you may encounter on the way as obstacles and how you are going to get around them.

So, if your goal is to lose twenty pounds and you see your slimmer self ahead of you on the path imagine that there may be cheesecake in the fridge or a party at a buffet or a moment of depression on a cold winter night and think about how you will meet these challenges.  Eat a little cheesecake and exercise regularly, eat sensibly the week before that office party so you can indulge and not feel guilty and find fun activities that can take you out of your depression rather than eating!

The big Why

To stay motivated, your goal should be meaningful.   Think about how achieving your goal is going to improve your life and really visualize on those improvements.  Doing this will enable you to stay on track and in alignment with what you are trying to achieve.  So, if you set the goal that you want to put money in savings, think about why you are doing that and what the money will be used for once you have it and literally visualize what you will do with it and how it will improve your life.  This will help you keep motivated.

Action Steps

Now that you have your goal, you know how you are going to overcome obstacles and you feel pumped you are ready to think of your game plan.  If you are going to save $1000 by the end of the year how are you going to do that?  How much do you need to put away each month?  Are there any ways you can save money - take a look at all of your bills and see if you can reduce or eliminate anything.  Take a look at what you spend on fun and see if there are cheaper, free or less costly alternatives.  Instead of going out for pizza twice a month, can you make it at home once with the whole family?  Instead of going to a movie can you go for a walk and sit by a lake?  In this step of goal making you may find new hobbies and new ways of looking at life!  Goal setting can end up being a big personal transformation!

So, to recap:

  • Get in the space of gratitude - look at the things you love about life so you are starting in a clear and happy mindset

  • Get crystal clear about your goal and make sure it’s attainable so that you have a clear view of what you want and know you can get it.

  • Clarify why achieving this goal is important and define the benefit it will bring to your life

  • Clarify the steps you will take to get what you want and identify the obstacles you might meet up with.  Determine how you will handle these obstacles so you are ready to face them.

The Time to Start is Now

You are in the right mindset, you have your plan, so do not hesitate!  Procrastination only causes stress and reduces passion and clarity.  Think of one little action step you could take right now to get you going in the direction of your dreams!

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