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Gratitude and Goal Setting for 2019

Here we are -  2019.

As I get older, I feel the years go by faster!

Right now, we are all in that “holiday rush” period!  Shopping, baking, eating and having fun; but, do you ever feel that little tug in the back of your mind?  That voice that starts to ask you, “What are your goals for this year?"

If you're not sure or you are sick of making resolutions you don't achieve keep reading, I have some techniques for you.

Let's start with mindset

Many times we set our resolutions from a place of disgust! We look in the mirror on January 1st and think something mean to ourselves like “geez, you let yourself go”!  You need to lose weight!  The reason you will never lose that weight is because you are starting from a mindset of lack - I lack beauty, I lack will power, I lack appeal.  If this is where we are starting from how will we get to a place of fulfilment?  If we believe that we are lazy, sloppy, devoid of will and not worth our own effort how will success be possible

Instead, look in the mirror and see the beauty first.  Find three features that you love about yourself and see them first each time you look in the mirror.  Then say I would like to be healthier and to be healthier I would like to tone up and eat well and lose weight because I am worth it.

Starting from a place of gratitude and inspiration beats lack and hatred any day!

Clarity and Attainability