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Light a Candle to Help Loved Ones Find their Way

I’ve been lighting candles for lost souls and departed loved ones for decades. During many intuitive readings I was shown that people need to light candles to help their loved ones find their way to the heaven realms.

One day, a woman came for a reading and as soon as she sat down in front of me, I saw hundreds of souls. They all told me to thank her for lighting candles on Sunday to show them the way. When I asked them who they were, their reply was that my client didn’t know them, but lit candles that helped them see the light. 

I conveyed this information to my client and she was shocked. She told me, she and a friend got together every Sunday for the purpose of praying for lost souls. The ladies lit candles and instructed anyone who was lost or alone to follow the light home. She admitted that she often wondered if lighting the candles really helped. She felt compelled to do it though!  She was thrilled to find out that she’d helped so many people and delighted that they were there to thank her. 

Please try to light candles as often as you can. 

Set the intention that you're doing so to help any people struggling to find the light. 

Helping souls  cross over releases fear, anxiety, hunger and suffering for these souls and this elevates the energy on our planet. 

The new moon on Saturday, September 28 is dedicated to ancestors. Let’s all commit to lighting a candle to help people find their way!


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