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Meeting an Unexpected Master

I have been doing healing work for the past 20 years and everyday still feels like a miracle to me.  I was gifted with the ability to see spirit and energy.  I feel blessed to work as a vessel for God’s healing work.

One Sunday morning, while my partner and I were at church I had the honour of assisting a master healer as she struggled with the shock of losing control of her mind body connection.

I was sitting in the second pew from the front.  My partner was called up to the front to hold a large candle in the front of the church.  As soon as I walked into church that morning I could feel the expanded loving energy of Jesus.  As I sat there, I could see him sitting at the front, right hand side of the church.  He was wearing all white and was extending his hands up to heaven.  There were healing angels at his feet.  He told me that I needed to visit his portrait after mass and that I would be surprised.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks.  This is a spontaneous reaction for many people when they are in the presence of healing masters, seen or unseen.  There is a Hindu saying that those whose eyes flow with tears when hearing the name of God or witnessing beauty are in true communion.  They are truly blessed.  This happens to me if I am moved by art, music, nature or the smile of a baby.  I feel my heart open with joy and next thing you know, the tears are flowing.  If you experience this, open your heart and let the love of creator wash over you and through you.  You can be a vessel of divinity when you allow this love to flow through you.  I was just enjoying the bliss of this communion when my phone buzzed.  

It’s was text from one of my dear friends.  She told me that her dear dog Sidda was having trouble with coordination.  I was surprised by her name because it means master in Sanskrit.  As I began tapping into her energy I saw that she is a true master!

She was able to communicate with me immediately and very precisely.  Often dogs communicate with images but she was able to use images, words and body sensations.  I was surprised at the level that she was able to communicate.

She showed me that her tummy was big, her mouth was itchy and that she had been losing her balance.  My friend confirmed this.