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Meeting an Unexpected Master

I have been doing healing work for the past 20 years and everyday still feels like a miracle to me.  I was gifted with the ability to see spirit and energy.  I feel blessed to work as a vessel for God’s healing work.

One Sunday morning, while my partner and I were at church I had the honour of assisting a master healer as she struggled with the shock of losing control of her mind body connection.

I was sitting in the second pew from the front.  My partner was called up to the front to hold a large candle in the front of the church.  As soon as I walked into church that morning I could feel the expanded loving energy of Jesus.  As I sat there, I could see him sitting at the front, right hand side of the church.  He was wearing all white and was extending his hands up to heaven.  There were healing angels at his feet.  He told me that I needed to visit his portrait after mass and that I would be surprised.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks.  This is a spontaneous reaction for many people when they are in the presence of healing masters, seen or unseen.  There is a Hindu saying that those whose eyes flow with tears when hearing the name of God or witnessing beauty are in true communion.  They are truly blessed.  This happens to me if I am moved by art, music, nature or the smile of a baby.  I feel my heart open with joy and next thing you know, the tears are flowing.  If you experience this, open your heart and let the love of creator wash over you and through you.  You can be a vessel of divinity when you allow this love to flow through you.  I was just enjoying the bliss of this communion when my phone buzzed.  

It’s was text from one of my dear friends.  She told me that her dear dog Sidda was having trouble with coordination.  I was surprised by her name because it means master in Sanskrit.  As I began tapping into her energy I saw that she is a true master!

She was able to communicate with me immediately and very precisely.  Often dogs communicate with images but she was able to use images, words and body sensations.  I was surprised at the level that she was able to communicate.

She showed me that her tummy was big, her mouth was itchy and that she had been losing her balance.  My friend confirmed this.

Sida showed me that she would feel a disconnect between her body and her mind and then she would feel that even though she wanted to move her body, she could not.  She showed me that it felt like there was a disconnect between her brain and her body.  She then showed me that there were times when she would just lose her memory.  She showed me that she could be standing, looking out the window and suddenly forget who she was.  She showed me a vision of how her mind looked.  There were puzzle pieces of memories that she could vaguely connect to but her conscious mind simply felt blank.

My friend confirmed that Sidda would have moments where she looked like she was blacking out.  Jess said she contacted  me because Sidda was unable to get up. She was worried that she might need to put her to sleep. Sidda showed me that she had arthritis, especially in her hips.  Jess confirmed this to be true.  She said that Sidda had slowed down alot in the last year.

Sidda started talking to me about her life.  She showed me the fun she had chasing chickens and going to the pasture with her sister, Jess.  She did not refer to her as a mom or her owner, but rather, as her sister.  She showed me the way the sky looked in the morning over the pasture with the rising sun.  She loved it when her sister opened the pasture gate so they could do chores.  She told me she was not fond of goats because she found them to be of lesser intelligence, but that they were fun to chase.  She said that she did not like horses very much either because they feel superior to everyone else.  She said she loved the cows and the relationship they have with their babies.  She says they are real moms.  She loves the smell of their breath.  She said that they were very family oriented and she loved to help them as they birthed their calves.  My friend confirmed that Sidda loved the cows and had been helping her with her chores for the past fourteen years.  She said she felt that Sidda was a friend more than a “pet”.

Sidda lovingly recalled when each of Jess’s babies came home.  She thought of them as her children too.  She loved watching them grow up.  Jess told me that  her children, husband and, herself were all sitting around Sidda crying. Sidda said she felt very supported by them.

Sidda told me  she is so happy that I am able to convey her thoughts to her family because she is worried that she soon may be unable to.  She can feel her mind getting foggy and really wants them to know how much she has loves being a part of their pack.

She says that she would like to have at least one more spring with them.  That she is trying to heal herself so that she can have more time with her pack.She shows me that when she leaves she will try to send them a new black and white dog to help them. She shows me the barn and the hayloft and the way that it looks through all of the seasons and how she loves the transitions of the seasons and the special things that come with each season.  

She shows me that she loves the spring because it feels like hope. She shows me that she loves the pumpkins in the fall.  The look and smell of them and the crisp fall air .  She loves the Christmas tree in the winter, the smell of baking and the closeness of family.

Jess says that Sidda is so much more than a dog.  She is a friend, a helper and a real part of the family.

Jess asks me if they have been friends in other life times and Sidda shows me that indeed they have been sisters in a past life.  She shows me that they performed in the circus together and that Jess had taught her how to read hand signals and body language so they could communicate at a distance and without words.  

Sidda starts to show me her friends in spirit, two family dogs who have passed away.  She says they have been true friends and that she would love to lay with them when she leaves.  She asks if the family is ready for the next dog that she would like to send if she cannot heal herself.  She wants to make sure that the family is not without a helper.  She says that she is working to heal herself so that she can be there for them as long as she can.  She loves being a  part of this family.

I am so touched to see the poetic way that she talks. The deep love that she has for all beings. She is so poetic and deep in the way that she communicates.  I feel that she is a very talented priestess.  I am literally so awakened by her.  I realize that she is truly a master, a poet, a lover and an alchemist.  She has taught me that healers and spiritual masters can come in any body.  She has moved me so deeply and I feel so honoured to have been able to communicate with her.  She has opened my heart so wide.  I feel my mind and heart stretching and opening.

Finally, Jess asked if she is ready to be euthanized.  Her response is that she is trying to heal herself.  She asked to be given time until the new moon which was nine days away.  This extra time was needed for Sidda’s recovery.  Jess had the vision that she walking with Sidda in the spring.  I get up and walk to the front to light my candle.  I see the picture of Jesus in the right side of the church.  His arms are reaching up to heaven and there are healing angels at his feet, just as he appeared to me when I began this healing session.  I am legally blind, so I had no idea until I walked to the front that this icon was there.  I am touched by this beautiful miracle and feel blessed to have witnessed it.  I have learned today that we are all equal, regardless of the body we are in,  Masters come in all shapes and sizes. The next day Jess reported to me that Sidda was able to get up and go to the bathroom and that she was shaky, but getting steadier!  As the days went by, Jess reported to me Sidda was getting back to normal.  Sidda told me that she felt she had Alzheimer's and Jess said that her father seemed very similar when he went through it.  I was amazed with her ability to describe to me how it felt to lose connection with parts of her mind and how it felt like a neurological disorder.  She was very aware of the mind-body connection and used this awareness to heal herself.

She showed me that there was a central part of her that was aware of what was happening and that she just needed someone to witness that.  Jess told me that she kept saying to Sidda, “ I see you”.  Again, I am blown away by the beautiful way that Sidda knows her mind, can ask for help and heal herself.

I was so deeply inspired by all of this that I asked Jess if I could share it with others. It is so touching to see that there is deep wisdom in all species.  That all species want love and are able to witness it.  That the desire for family, connection and happiness is not only something humans want.  That our animal friends think of us as family, just as we think of them that way.

I hope that everyone who reads this story feels their mind and heart open.  I feel blessed to have met this holy master.

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