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Talking Heals the Pain - Suicide Prevention

As an intuitive healer and medium I have met people on all sides of the suicide experience.  I have met family who has lost someone due to suicide and I have met their loved ones who committed suicide and are trying desperatly to reach out and apologize to the ones they have left behind.

There are so many situations that  cause people to take their own lives, but there is one main reason - they want to put an end to pain.

What I know from the people who have ended their lives is that they never feel it was a success.  They have never succeeded in ending their suffering, just as those who are left without them will never live a day without feeling the loss of their loved one.

Typically when people pass, they cross over and reunite with loved ones on the other side. In cases of sudden death, the soul may be confused and need a bit of direction. I always suggest that loved ones light candles for them and tell them to follow the light to heaven. 

If a person feels guilty when they pass, they often get stuck in purgatory. This looks like a waiting room. They could be in purgatory until someone comes to talk to them. In my case, a client comes to me and I mediate between the two realms. It often takes more than one session to help the deceased see their way to self forgiveness. Sometimes I’ve seen other loved ones pass and find the person who committed

suicide and help them out. In either case, it’s talking that alleviates the suffering. 

Memorials, funerals or celebrations of life are very important for helping a person come to terms with their passing. In some churches, services are refused for those who’ve committed suicide. If you belong to a faith tradition like this you can have your own memorial for your loved one. Tell them you forgive them and that God loves them and they can follow the light to heaven. Light a candle and bless them with the ability to accept and love themselves. 

I suppose that many people don’t really know that there is no such thing as death. Sure, the body dies, but the soul is eternal. This means that whatever you experience in life is remembered by your soul after you die. So, the pain you were struggling with is remembered after you pass and you’re able to see that if you would have dealt with it you’d have surpassed it and come to a place of happiness again. The thing is, when you take your own life, you no longer have the chance to work through your challenges and now you have the additional pain of witnessing the loved ones you’ve left behind struggle with your violent passing. Your loved ones struggle with the agony of blaming themselves for your death and the grief of your loss. The grief of losing someone to suicide far exceeds that of losing someone to natural causes because of the self blame. 

As a medium, I do not just talk to the deceased once.  I often counsel them for several years - yes, years. Often, the conversations I h