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The Moon, She is a Muse

As a healer it is very common for me to have an increase in people reaching out to me three or four days before the full moon.   am guided to remind people to ground, to do things that help them feel safe and OK during the period of intense reflection and heightened emotion that starts about three days before and continues the three days after the full moon.

I learned a decade ago that this increase of intensity that the moon calls up in us is not torture, but rather, an opportunity for us to look at what is coming up for healing, remember how to ground and feel the support of mother earth that is always accessible to us and dig in deep to witness the triggers and memories and frustrations that bubble to the surface during this time.  Just as the oceans swell at the time of the full moon, so do our hearts and minds and spirits swell with the urgency to release old patterns, witness our own beauty and begin moving in the direction of the creativity that we are being welcomed to flow out of ourselves.

The full moon encourages three main things:

  • An opportunity to ground an feel into the support nature offers us

  • An opportunity to look up and witness our own beauty and creativity reflected down to us in the mirror face of the moon

  • An opportunity to release sorrow, fear, old patters and frustrations

So, how do we avail these opportunities?


Begin spending more time sitting in nature or waking in nature. Spending time with a gratitude journal, thanking the universe for the many way you are shown that you are loved.  Spend time decorating your home with things that you have been given by nature, pretty leaves, flowers, feathers, stones all bring the element of earth into our home and act as a reminder that we are loved and safe and surrounded by beauty that we can connect to whenever we are feeling afraid, frustrated our misunderstood.

Witness Beauty

Begin moon watching. Witnessing the way the moon journeys in her size and shape is so metaphoric for the journey we go through in life and witnessing her majestic beauty just softens our heart and enables us to see our own inner beauty.  It makes if